2015 11 12 50 Shades of Grane

On Hog Lowe Pike (photo by Ken)




On the way to the start at Clough Head visitor centre some of us were delayed by traffic light controlled roadworks on the Haslingden / Grane road.  So still with plenty of time to spare I decided that we'd set off 5 minutes late to allow for anybody running on the last minute due to the roadworks to be able to join us.  So at 08:36 we set off on our walk and settled for 8 of us.  We welcomed Janet and Jane who joined us from Rochdale Ramblers.  The weather the few preceding days had been very wet and the forecast for the next few days were equally poor but the gods had decreed that today was reasonable and it stayed dry.

So climbing out behind the visitor centre we started out east on the Rossendale Way (RW) before leaving the RW, dropping down to the Grane road and then below Ogden Reservoir.  Because it looked interesting and to cut a corner we followed an old tramway straight up the line of the slope and onto Musbery Heights.  Picking up the RW again we walked close to Alden Farm where coffee was taken behind the shelter of a ruin.  Passing the “naughty corner” (familiar to those who’ve done The Two Crosses) we then crossed Wet Moss and down to Crowthorn.  Following paths and tracks we took lunch looking down towards Turton and Entwistle Reservoir.

After a moorland crossing we found our way on some of Spanners Round passed Broadhead and crossed the Broadhead Road to climb to Hog Lowe Pike.  Here dropping down once more close to Ogden Reservoir.  A final loop on the RW brought us once again to Clough Head visitor centre in sufficient time to finish before nightfall and with the carpark still unlocked.  19.5 miles and thanks to all who turned out.


Photos from Ken Noble - click here