2015 10 1 Up and Over

A domestic crisis meant that Kath was unable to lead the walk. Not to worry - Ian had saved the route from last year on his trusty GPS and volunteered to lead.

A glance at the turnout had me a little worried as they were all quick walkers and with Ian in charge we weren't going to dawdle. Sure enough, the rest were at the top of Winter Hill before I was three quarters up. Thankfully they waited for me. Jan, out with us for a second time, was I think a bit stunned by the pace but coped extremely well. Also nice to see Joan out again after an absence.

Down to Rivington Great Hall and Barn where we declined the option of an early morning brew (we had been going less than an hour). Liverpool Castle next on the agenda and we didn't bypass it as Jan hadn't been there before. On towards Wilderswood and then Barrow Bridge where we lunched last year. Not this time as we were 45 minutes ahead of last years schedule.

After the recent dry spell conditions under foot were generally good making for faster progress and we had over 13 miles in the bag before we broke for lunch. It was an opportunity for me to have chat with the pacesetters! The expected boggy section in the afternoon didn't materialise and we arrived back at our cars just before 3pm . Definitely a brisk pace on his one. We finished over an hour earlier than last year.