2015 09 03 Bradwell

The beauty (acceptance) of having a small number of walkers on a walk, is the fact that you can "tweak" the route to your heart's desire in order to fulfil the groups requirements.  Our group consisted of four people and Johnny long-legs (dog - who never as the foggiest where he is going or for how long).
All the group were strong walkers and therefore the original plan of skirting around Win Hill from Aston to Parkin Clough was rejected for a swift ascent from Bradwell onto the summit of Win Hill and the trig point.  Parkin Clough was not be missed and the path still remains steep, twisted, uneven and never ending until you finally reach Yorkshire Bridge.  A flat section took us along the sculpture trail to Bamford mill and the lung bursting ascent of Bamford Clough.  It is here that we ignored signs of closed "road" and the huge fences on either side of the clough and definately strode onwards.  We were perplexed as to the reason why, since it appeared still steep and rocky underfoot, so nothing new. 
Our feet touched tarmac for approximately 1 mile to reach Stanage Edge and onwards we continued to  Curbar Edge, Longshawe Estate, Padley Gorge and Bretton Clough.  At Stoke Ford we decided that we would prefer to finish earlier than 17.00 hrs, in order to miss traffic.  Both Norman and Ian had travelled a distance to partake and savour the delights of the eastern moors and edges of the Peak District.  Therefore, instead of going south to Eyam and Foolow we approached Abney by Abney Clough, across Abney Moor before descending into Bradwell via Bradwell edgeand into the old part of the village.
We returned to our cars at 16.15 hrs and had covered 21.5 miles.  Although the weather forecast had predicted showers , we were lucky to have missed them and indeed we all stripped off.  Now that is a view to behold and hence no photographs.  Many thanks to Norman, Ian and Ray for joining me and providing excellent companions.