2014 05 15 Dovestones


South Pennine's annual joint walk with South Manchester and it's our turn to lead the walk.  John had a route planned and then due to personal circumstances couldn't lead the walk.  That's where I came in.  John gave me the route and I went with it in its entirerity and as I said at the start of  the walk "any comments on the route, praise or critisim, contact John".  

So 12 of us started out from Dovestones on what promised to be a good day.  Up onto the edge leading to Chew Res. we went, to be joined by Anne.  It's alway those closest to the start that arrive last!  (Pots calling kettles black you may think as I've something of a reputation for being on the last minute myself).  Over to take a look down towards Crowden and what a magnificent view it is and then north on the Pennine Way to Black Hill.  Here we left the Pennine Way to bat across the feature less moor and  old route of the Pennine Way.  Three of the chaps from South Manchester left us here to make sure that they finished early enough for a social event planned for the evening.  Crossing the A635 we turned left on the route of a drainage ditch AKA The Fammine Road.  Lunch was taken by the ditch.

Down over Broadstone and through Uppermill to the canal at Brownhills.  Along the canal before swinging uphill and a sharp pull up on the other side of the valler to the mast at Wharmton.  Down through Lydgate and Quick getting caught up on the school run and following some of the Oldham Way back to the starting point of the walk.  

As ever the GPS's all told a slightly different tale - I'll go with what mine said at 20.02 miles.  Spot on the distance.  Well done John.