2013 09 21 Luddenden Dean

Luddenden Dean - where is it? Nobody knows. Calderdale best guess. Turn left at Mytholmroyd, left at Midgley and keep climbing until road descends and you will be at Jerusalem Farm.

There early - much too early. Block road for 15 minutes until Warden of campsite comes to tell us he is not scheduled to open until 8.30. Duly thank him for letting us in 20 minutes early.

7 start the walk. 6 are group members  (Helen, Julie, Virginia, Dave, John & Norman). Guest walker was Peter, the lone ranger from Ashton.

Worryingly, we start with a descent into the valley bottom, before a stiff climb up to Warley Moor Reservoir. This sets the tone for the day with a succession of ups and downs to keep the heart going.

On toward Oxenhope where Norman declares that the walk is a bit tough for him and he needs to get home (I suspect Jean's imminent return from holiday a factor and he needs to tidy up!)

Soon after, Dave, our leader, leads us into a field of pigs but quickly runs for cover as several substantial porkers charge towards him. The rest of us laugh at his expense.

Lunch at Lumb Hole waterfall. A lovely spot with a plunge pool. Dave says he saw a young lady in a bikini swimming when he reccied the walk last Saturday, Sunday, Monday...... A lovely spot reminiscent of Three Shires Head without the crowds.

Into Midgehole not by usual high level route but by a path lower down the valley which is little walked, eventually reaching the 'Blue Pig', a working mens club which did not appear to be open. On to Hebden Bridge by a high level route.

Difficult to get the girls away from the fashion shops, and comment asking whether the frocks were Goretex lined were met with disdain.

Brief respite with a mile on the canal, before the sting in the tail with the ascent of Crow Hill with its 5 foot high standing stone.

Back at cars by 4pm. Almost 20 miles and over 3500' ascent. Helen claims she hasn't recovered on Sunday night. I don't believe her!

Virginia makes friends

 Lumb Hole waterfall

Lumb Hole lunch stop