Route Description & Trackfiles - Post Event

This page provided links to the final route description documents for the main walk, but these are now suitably amended for use by anyone who wishes to walk on the route as the post event route description to avoid using short sections on private land where permission was given for the event day only. Note that Belmont School that was a checkpoint on the event is private land and there is no access for walkers. Also below are related final digital mapping trackfiles and a checkpoint summary, supporters' notes and a list of entrants' names. There is a separate Route Narrative document with interest information and a separate route image gallery page. A final amendments and update sheet issued just before the main walk is also available below.

The final amendments and updates sheet was issued and is available for download below. This was available at Gainsborough School for all entrants in printed form before the event start on 2 June.

The post event version, 4b, of the route description for the main event is below for printing by recreational walkers. There are differences from any previous versions and walkers must now use this post event version, 4b.

Walkers may only pass through Windsor Great Park in daytime; the Park is closed to pedestrians during the hours of darkness. If you need advice on the Park opening hours, or plan to take a group of walkers into the Park for which permission is always needed, please contact the Crown Estate at Windsor Great Park (contact information can be found on the Crown Estate websites). The post event route description includes an alternative night route around the Great Park mainly on roads. It includes the timings for the night closures of Windsor Great Park that applied to the event date in 2012 only, following a timings test on the Marshals Walk. These were regulated by the departure time from the Sunningdale checkpoint, and were as follows: For check point departures from the Sunningdale checkpoint (CP16 at 92.2 miles) after 1900 hours on Sunday and before 0330 hours on Monday Windsor Great Park is closed and the alternative route will operate. For check point departures before 1900 hours on Sunday and after 0330 hours on Monday Windsor Great Park is open. Entrants may also rest at the checkpoints in order to use the Great Park day route at dawn. These times were specific to the event in June 2012.

The event trackfiles have also been reissued below as post event versions 12k. These match the route description 4b. To overcome the memory limits of some GPS devices, as before, the track has been split into two sections: WV12kMainA and WV12kMainB.  No track file is provided for the night route around the Great Park - this is mainly on roads, so not likely to be used post-event. 

Note that these post route description and track files do not show the permissive routes at Beddlestead House, Belmont School and Clandon Park.

In addition a table of checkpoint distances, groups, opening and closing times and ascents between checkpoints is below together with Supporters' Notes that cover car parking and access to checkpoints - see note above about Belmont School. A simple list of entrants' names and walk numbers is provided online below (names have been withheld where requested).

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Games 100 Final Amendments (Issued 1 June 2012)

Games 100 Final Amendments - Word Format

Games 100 Final Amendments - PDF Format


Route Descriptions:

Main Event  (18 July 2012)
Post Event

Route description - Word Format (RDMainEventV4b18July) - if change track markings appear, use (in Word) Tools/Track Changes and select 'Show Final' or deselect other options on the 'Show' dropdown

Route description - PDF Format (RDMainEventV4b18July)

There is a separate descriptive background Route Narrative covering points of interest along the route.


Trackfiles in GPX format, a compatible file format:

Main Event - Post Event:



Trackfiles in Tracklogs format (a proprietary format limited to Tracklogs software):

Main Event Post Event:




Checkpoint overview:

Checkpoints - Excel Format

Checkpoints - PDF Format

Supporters' Notes - Car Parking and CPs Access:

Supporters Notes - PDF Format (V2)

Supporters Notes - Excel Format (V2)

Entrants' names:

Entrants names - Excel Format (V2)

Entrants names - PDF Format (V2)

Page Version Information: Updated after the event to provide the post event route description and trackfiles avoiding some permissive sections. Updated 1 June 2012 adding Games 100 Final Amendments. Updated 29 May for addition of Supporters Notes - Version 2 - change for CP14 parking, and Entrants Names - Version 2, corrected. Updated 26 May for addition of Supporters Notes. Updated 22 May for addition of CPs overview and entrants' names tables.  Updated 21 May for issue of final main event route description, 4a, and trackfiles, 12j. Updated 15 May for details of issue plan for final route description. Updated 24 April for final version of Marshals Walk (5 May) route description named as 3d and trackfiles as 12g. Previously updated 31 March 2012 with split Main and Marshals route descriptions and updated track files. Previous page issued 8 February 2012, with earlier route descriptions named as 2h08Feb versions and trackfiles named as version 12f.