How to Enter

This page explains how you can register for and enter the 100-mile challenge event, when entrants attempt to walk the full 100 mile route in one continuous walk, starting on 2 June 2012. Entries remain open both to members and the public. If you want to enter the smaller Marshals Walk and this is your preferred walk, please see the Marshals Walk Entries page.

Registration and Entry Process

The LDWA Games 100 opened for initial registration of applications on 16 October and unless the entry limit of 550 valid entries in reached, will remain open until 30th April 2012. There was an initial registration period that closed on Sunday 20th November 2011. As fewer than 550 entries were received by 20th November no ballot was required and all valid entries were accepted, subject to payment being made.

Entry for remaining places opened on 19 December, 2011. The remaining places will be filled on a first come first served basis irrespective of LDWA membership.  All entrants will need to have completed an approved qualifying event between  1st  January 2011 and 30th  April 2012. Provisional qualifiers will now be accepted but you must complete one to walk the event (with a partial refund if you fail to do your qualifier and withdraw). Entries will close on Monday 30th April 2012. No credit cards will be debited or cheques presented until entries are confirmed. Notices of rejection, including any returned entry fees, were sent from 4th December 2011.

If 550 entries are accepted before 30th April 2012 then a reserve list will be started, with those on the reserve list accepted following any withdrawals.

Before you register or enter either online or by post please read the Rules of the Event for other details and options.

How to Register and Enter

Entries are open both online and by post and no preference will be given to entries made by either method.

We hope the majority of you will be able to enter by SiEntries. It removes the use of paper (particularly the need to produce evidence of qualifying events) and reduces the administrative work that falls on the Entries Secretary. However for those entrants who are unable or do not wish to use SiEntries we will continue to provide the facility to enter in the traditional way.

Registration is now open (from 16 October 2011).

To enter online please visit the event page at SIEntries and complete the online form. No money will be taken at this stage and no credit card details will be needed. You will need to identify certain preferences and options as shown on the form. You will be able to later change or update some of these online are shown on the form. You will need to provide basic details of your Qualifying Event on the online form and this will be checked by the event Entries Secretary using relevant event results lists..For the listed qualifyng events you will not need to post or email other evidence of your completion. When your entry is accepted, your payment will be requested by email within a specified period and once you have paid on the SIEntries event webpage, you will be advised by email that you have a place on the event.

To enter by post you will need to request or download the Entry Form, complete it and send it with your payment and evidence of your qualifying event completion (unless the Housman 100) as set out on the Entry Form to the Entries Secretary using the address on the Entry Form. No cheques will be presented at this stage. When your entry is accepted, your payment will be cashed and you will be advised that you have a place on the event. The Entry Form can be downloaded below or if you would like the form posted to you, please send an A5 SAE to: Entries Secretary, LDWA Games 100, Norman Corrin, 68 Montgomery Crescent, Bolbeck Park, Milton Keynes, Bucks, MK15 8PS. Email address


Entry Form with Rules (Word)

Entry Form with Rules (PDF)