Image Gallery - Games 100 Main Walk 2-4 June 2012

This page has a gallery of 200 or so images taken on the main walk event, split into route sections. You may see yourself in one of them! The detailed resuts are here.

The conditions were tricky for the cameraman as well as for the walkers, but Steve Clark has captured the Dunkirk spirit of the event so well in this selection of stills. A video was being made in parallel by Carl Dearing, and a copy in DVD format is planned to be supplied free along with the Results Booklets later on. There is also a Facebook page where you can share memories here.

Images can be viewed one by one or as a slide show using the arrows on each image - open one and hover on an arrow to see what it does. To save an image on a PC, click to open the image and then right click and 'save image as'..

Set 1: Start - Gainsborough School start HQ and White Post Lane

Set 2: Victoria Park to Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Set 3: Cutty Sark to Mottingham Playing Fields

Set 4: Mottingham Scout HQ CP to Biggin Hill CP

Set 5: Merstham CP to Staple Hill CP

Set 6: Sunningdale CP to Trevelyan School finish HQ

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