Results - Splits and Statistics

The detailed results of the main walk event starting on 2 June 2012 are below for download. Lists of all the new 30, 20 and 10 100s completions are below. For results of the Marshals Walk please see here. There is an image gallery for the main walk event here. A route elevation profile is available here.

In the results sheets below, names are in total time order. The column named 'Finish' is the total time order. The walk number is the next column ('Ent'). Where names were requested to be withheld, these are anonymised and all named ''Anonymous'.

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Detailed Results V1 (PDF) - one file in Total Time order.

Detailed Results (PDF)

Summary Statistics.

For the main walk event, of the 524 paid entrants when entries closed, 488 started the walk and 383 finished the full 100 miles, with 105 retiring.

With some 542 people entering during the initial registration period, against a ballot threshold of 550, no ballot was needed and all already qualified, or who planned to qualify, were offered a place. Non-members were accepted, with checks to ensure the correct fee was paid. Those yet to qualify were offered a conditional place. After the inevitable refunded withdrawals before refunds closed, including those who failed to gain a quailfier, 524 paid to enter. In all some 598 registrations were received for the main walk, but this figure includes some duplicates and those who did not subsequently pay the entry fee. It also includes the further registrations received after entries were reopened following the initial registration period. About 80% entered online.

On the main event day on 2 June 2012, 488 set off, and 105 then retired, so 383 completed, a success rate of over 78%. On the marshals' walk, 33 out of 43 starters finished, a similar success rate.

There were 17 completing their 10th 100 and 5 their 20th 100, all remarkable achievements, with all of these on the main walk event and none on the marshals' walk. One person, Shirley Hume, completed her 30 100s! The highest number of completions is now 39, with Roger Cole again finishing, a remarkable record! The roll of honour is below.

On the main walk, out of 137 attempting to do so, some 90 (66%) completed their first 100. On the marshals' walk two more completed their first 100, with another two retiring.

The average age of all main walk paying entrants was 54.8 years. Of the main walk starters about 75% were male and 25% female, with completion rates of 76% and 87% respectively. The oldest main walk finisher was 76 and the youngest 25, both are ladies.

The last main walk finishers had just 7 minutes to spare, after an epic dash across Windsor Great Park helped by their skillful pacemaking sweep! Cheers greeted them!

Completions of 30, 20 and 10 100s.

Congratulations to those who completed 30, 20 and 10 100s on this event! These were all on the main walk:

Most 100s:

Roger Cole - 39

30 100s:

Shirley Hume

20 100s:

Andrew Boulden
Mark Edwards
Terry Griffiths
Tom Hughes
Neil Mansfield

10 100s:

Janet Eames
Sue England
Hilary Farren
Alan Gray
John Gurnhill
Margaret Mary Haley
Nick Ham
Dennis Jacobs
Anthony Jenner
Jerzy Matuszewski
Bill Mcdonnell
Arthur Metcalfe
Edward Podmore
David Sheldon
Colin Travis
Kathy Tytler
John Willer

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