Route Overview

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The walk will start and finish in Wombwell, Barnsley and will begin in a westerly direction on the Trans Pennine Trail. Turning left towards Oxspring the route passes many historical and architectural sites.

The route then heads north from Thurlstone and gains height to give expansive views over Wooldale, Holmfirth and The Holme Valley. Dropping down for a late afternoon dinner the route ascends onto The Pennine Way with a short hop to find the summit of Soldier’s Lump on the iconic Black Hill. 

The route carefully descends Laddow Rocks on the Pennine Way. Views over Longdendale in the evening light promises a more gentle section along the Longdendale Trail.  The Pennine Bridleway follows and you arrive at the eastern edge of The Great Ridge. For most, this will be the early morning section of the route and even in the dark this undulating boundary of the Dark and White Peak will be a highlight of the route. 

Both events have breakfast in the Hope Valley with the route ascending then traversing the gritstone edge of Stanage towards Moscar. 

The route follows The Sheffield Country Walk back across the River Don and into Wharncliffe Wood.  Now the route enters Skelter country. 

The route eventually reaches the last checkpoint at Elsecar, leaving the last few miles back along The Trans Pennine Trail (Barnsley Boundary Walk).  Turning left at Old Moor RSPB we find ourselves back at Netherwood ALC, Wombwell and the completion of the 2022 ‘Hundred’; The Trans-Pennine 100.

Section Route Mileage Ascent Descent 
1 HQ - Gilroyd Lane  5.6 mls. 249 ft. 78 ft.
2 Gilroyd Lane - Penistone 6.0 mls. 598 ft. 150 ft.
3 Penistone - Birds Edge 6.5 mls. 490 ft. 263 ft.
4 Birds Edge -Holmbridge 7.0 mls. 1078 ft. 1417 ft.
5 Holmbridge - Crowden 8.3 mls. 1559 ft. 1441 ft.
6 Crowden - Dinting Vale 5.6 mls. 488 ft. 740 ft.
7 Dinting Vale - Hayfield 5.3 mls. 939 ft. 779 ft.
8 Hayfield - Mam Nick CP 7.6 mls. 1750 ft. 949 ft.
9 Mam Nick - Hope 4.3 mls. 631 ft. 1486 ft.
10 Hope - Hathersage 6.0 mls. 411 ft. 472 ft.
11 Hathersage - Moscar 5.7 mls. 1011 ft. 272 ft.
12 Moscar - Worrall  7.4 mls. 553 ft. 1062 ft.
13 Worrall - Wortley 7.5 mls. 978 ft. 957 ft.
14 Wortley - Tankersley (in Pilley) 2.4 mls. 29 ft. 218 ft.
15 Tankersley - Wentworth 4.8 mls. 165 ft. 332 ft.
16 Wentworth - Elsecar 6.0 mls. 387 ft. 570 ft.
17 Elsecar - HQ  4.0 mls. 34 ft. 131 ft.
                                        Totals   100 mls. 11350 ft. 6876 ft.