T-P100 Memories

Main Event

Amy Lomax's blog  - https://timeonyourfeet.blogspot.com/2022/06/the-ldwa-trans-pennine-100-miles.html?m=1&fbclid=IwAR20QzU_e-Q-2O5Y6WkLnF0ltQOELKLsIE9SH1frf9Meod0dU1HDf5LVW-Q

John Pennifold's You Tube Video & Flickr photo's - https://www.facebook.com/groups/tp100/permalink/1397339907405062/


Nick Ham's Flickr Photo'sHere are the least blurred of the photos I took at the Jubilee weekend's Trans-Pennine 100. I wasn't sure I still had 100 miles in me but ended up surprising myself with a similar time to other completions, and that was after suffering the dreaded lean for the last 20 or so miles, which slowed me down with core strength gone and muscles in pain. There has to be a first for everything I suppose. 🙂
The logistics and support were amazing. The LDWA is amazing.


Karen Nash's Bloghttp://karen-ultras.blogspot.com/2022/ 



Trans-Pennine 100: 9am start
The first walkers head off on the LDWA's annual 100-mile challenge.
The aim: to cover 100 miles on foot across the Pennines and back in 48-hours.


Trans-Pennine 100 album: HQ
An insight into the vast operations effort behind an LDWA 100-mile challenge. Pictures of check-in, baggage sorting, catering, tracking and more by Michael Jones and Simon Pipe (including some video screenshots).


Trans-Pennine 100 album: start to Holme
The first 30 miles of the LDWA's annual 100-mile challenge.


Trans-Pennine 100 album: Black Hill to Crowden

Day one on the Long Distance Walkers Association's 100-mile challenge. Participants travelled along a section of the Pennine Way over Black Hill and Laddow Rocks towards the end of the first day of the event


Trans-Pennine 100 album: Great Ridge to Moscar


Trans-Pennine 100 album: The final leg
The last walkers finish the LDWA's flagship 100-mile event



Marshals Event

David Morgans You Tube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwGyn_NPjM4

Chelle Armour and her Facebook Pix https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10158356609316786&set=pcb.10158763469344352

Andrew Todd and his fantastic set of pictures to CP13 and the finish https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPnr9eJro5t_NITmmKR0CNG3uMeaq3AW2v6wGiH2y-cxhG1PvdO1lFT23C9D70yOw?key=NjhsUVV6R2laal91b3hsNnBQSm1leVpkd2dveTVR

Neil Mansfield and Adrian Gosling turned the TP100 marshals' event into a nail-biter for those watching the 48-hour deadline approaching. It seemed they had no chance. Neil wrote an ideosyncratic account of the adventure on the LDWA Northumbria website and kindly recorded an adapted version on camera. Pulling together crowd-sourced images proved to be an editing nightmare, so this is published after the main event. It's still a good story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRNIr8SUVCc

Pictures by participant Simon Pipe (who never managed to catch the front-runner),

Some 29 walkers tested the route of the annual LDWA 100-mile challenge in 2022. All would be volunteering on the main event, including members of the organising team. Pictures by participant Simon Pipe (who never managed to catch the front-runner),



John Whitworth's ode to Chris Rea's Rode to Hell 

TP-100 road to Hell

Stood still at a right hand junction on a bridleway!

I saw a figure just outside Penistone.

With a-face that I knew like my own reflected in his shadow

As I went over and accosted him I felt real low, a fearful pressure paralysed me in his shadow.

He said son “What are you doing here? My fear for you has turned me in my grave !”

I said Hiker ! I’ve come walking 100 miles! A great epic to tell!”

He said son! “This is a road to hell!”

“On your journey through the South Yorkshire wilderness starting off at Wombwell!”

“ You have strayed on Roy Turner’s!  Road….to Hell