Virtual Y 100 Sir Fynwy - Route Guidelines

Guidelines for the Virtual Y Sir Fynwy route

Whilst LDWA members are not constrained on the 100 mile route choice, members are encouraged to walk a route as per follows: 
  1. Walk 100 miles via an archived LDWA 100, details of which can be viewed at:
  2. Walk 100 miles of a long distance trail, details of which can be obtained at:
  3. Walk 100 miles of a self designed route.
  4. Walk 2 x 50 mile loops / 4 x 25 mile loops / 5 x 20 mile loops. 

Items 1-4 are examples, and are given purely for ‘guidance’ and aren’t mandatory.

As it’s a Virtual event, and so many live all over the country (and a few further afield), to be so prescriptive, and add constraints that some may naturally be unable to achieve because of their residency, would be unrealistic and unfair.

The route is of your making, and should be as varied and interesting for your own sanity and within any Event and Covid compliant constraints that may be active. If you find it logistically easier to plan multiple shorter loops or a mixture then go for it.

The route should be off road as much as possible in line with the conditions of a traditional LDWA 100 mile challenge event.
If you want a custom map covering the route of your own choice, the supplier of the Y 100 Sir Fynwy bespoke map can supply a 1:25000 or 1:50000 map centred on your route. See UK Map Centre.


The Y 100 Sir Fynwy Route

The route details of the planned Y 100 Sir Fynwy are provided below for those entrants who may wish to cover that route for the virtual 100.

Route Description: Download version 42 (6 March 2020) as a:

GPX files: (split into 5 sections)

Maps covering the route:

  • Bespoke event map covering the complete route (availability to be confirmed) or
  • Landranger: 161, 162 and 171 or
  • Explorer: OL13, OL14 and 152 or
  • Ordnance Survey Bespoke map, A0 size, centred on SO420072 or
  • Maps in electronic format (needs batteries for 48 hours)
Risk Assessment: Version 1.7