Virtual Y 100 Sir Fynwy - Rules

  1. Entry limited to LDWA members only, they must be members at the date of the event.
  2. Enter the event via SI Entries, fee £20 payable at the time of entry.
  3. Entries closing date/time is 23:59 on 15th May 2021.
  4. To receive a 100 completion, certificate and badge entrants must cover 100 miles on foot in 48 hours elapsed time.
  5. The 48 Hours period may be any continuous 48 hours between 00:01 local time Saturday 29th May 2021 and 23:59 local time Monday 31st May 2021.
  6. Entrants may start at any time in the 48 hour period.
  7. Any rest or feeding stop must not exceed 2 hours.
  8. For their own safety entrants must carry the the following kit (remember that as it is a virtual 100 there is no official support provided by the LDWA for retirements, injuries etc.):
    • Maps for the entire route.
    • Waterproof Jacket (with hood) and either Waterproof trousers or Waterproof over-trousers.
    • An additional upper body layer to be worn or carried e.g. Long-sleeved Base Layer / Fleece.
    • Hat (not Buff/Bandana) and Gloves.
    • Face covering and hand sanitiser.
    • Compass graduated with degrees on the dial. This can include an electronic device provided adequate power for 48 hours are carried.
    • A working whistle.
    • A working torch with spare batteries sufficient for 2 nights and spare bulb if not an LED device.
    • A survival bag or space bag (not a space blanket).
    • First Aid kit, which at a minimum must include plasters, adhesive dressing, antiseptic wipes, fixation tape and low adherent dressing.
    • Emergency food.
    • A re-sealable drinks container, minimum size 0.5 litre.
    • Reflective clothing or reflective markers on backpacks. These must be visible when walking at night.
    • Money/Debit/Credit card or mobile phone for emergency use.
  9. To be awarded a 100 completion and/or qualification for entry to the 2022 hundred entrants must submit evidence that they have achieved covering 100 miles in 48 elapsed hours or 50 miles in 24 hours respectively. This evidence may include:
    • Unedited GPX file.
    • Evidence from witnesses that entrant successfully walked 100 continuous miles.
    • Digital photographs with evidence of date and time taken.
    • Receipts from shop purchases or ATMs that contain details of date and time.
    See the Validation page for good evidence guidelines and how to submit it.