Virtual Y 100 Sir Fynwy - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When is this Virtual event going to take place?
A: During the Spring Bank Holiday May 29 - 31 2021.

Q2: I previously entered the Marshals’ event on the earlier May Bank Holiday so that I could volunteer on the Main event on the Spring Bank holiday. Will there be opportunity to walk on either of the May bank holidays?
A: For simplicity, we are only holding the event on the Spring Bank holiday weekend. The added advantage for those starting is longer day light hours and hopefully more favourable weather.

Q3: Are there any constraints on where my chosen route has to be?
A: National, Devolved Government and local area constraints plus other legislation and guidelines in force take precedence and MUST be adhered to throughout. The onus is on the individual entrant to make themselves aware of these. The route is of your choice and indeed making. Some may be lucky and live near existing hundred routes that might be used or indeed other Long distance paths. You can go from your front door if you wish. There is no minimum ascent requirement.

Q4: Is there a general start time or can we start at a time of our choosing?
A: Individuals can start anytime they choose after midnight on Friday 28th May. For example, 0001 hrs local time Saturday 29th May. All must finish by 2359 hrs local time on Monday 31st May. This gives overseas members the opportunity to take part also.

Q5: How long do I have to complete at least one hundred miles?
A: The key is to complete at least one hundred miles continuously on foot within a total elapsed maximum time of 48 hours. You should not stop for any longer than 2 hours at any of your chosen official checkpoints. Just as you would be constrained in a normal event.

Q6: Are supporters allowed?
A: The Hundred is a significant under taking under normal circumstances. These are exceptional times and supporters are most welcome and encouraged within any Covid compliant framework. Perhaps help could be sought from your friendly Local Groups who may decide to willing support and encourage their local members. However, ALL supporters MUST also adhere to any National and / or local restrictions in place during the event dates.

Q7: Who can enter this event?
A: Entries are invited from ALL members of the LDWA. They must be a paid up member at the time of the event.

Q8: Do I need a qualifying event to enter the Hundred as normal?
A: No, these are exceptional times and this virtual challenge is open to all members who will be wholly responsible for their own fitness to undertake the challenge and be responsible for adhering to Covid compliant constraints in force during the event.

Q9: Is the event limited to 500-550 as per the normal event?
A: No, it is open to as many LDWA members who wish to take part in this unique LDWA event.

Q10: How can I enter and what is the cost?
A: The only method of entry is online via SiEntries and entry fee is £20.

Q11: If last minute restrictions are imposed in my chosen walk area meaning that I am unable to take part will I get a full refund?
A: We will provide a FULL refund to all entrants should the event be cancelled OR if individuals are prevented thru last minute local restrictions on movement, exercise etc.

Q12: How do we prove our distance completed?
A: The event very much relies on honesty and trust. Entrants must be prepared to provide any evidence such as an actual GPX track log, ATM and other shop receipts used for refreshments, supporter witness statement, etc. No evidence, No recognition.

Q13: Who is going to validate my evidence AND where do I need to send this either electronically or by post?
A: The organising committee of the virtual 100 will be the validation team. Evidence of completion will be emailed to an address set up for the event. Full details are on the Validation Page. That page should be read thoroughly to ensure

Q14: Can I appeal if my formal submission is not accepted as a true record of distance covered?
A: In the unlikely event of a submission being refused, and if resolution with organisers cannot be achieved, then an appeal can be made via the Hundred Review Group.

Q15: Will I receive certificate and badge?
A: Certificates will be awarded to all starters for their total distance completed. Additionally, those completing at least one hundred miles will receive an event badge. Processing all the results by volunteers will be carried out as quickly as possible. You may have to wait a few months for your appropriate award to be sent due to sheer volume involved. However, your patience and understanding is appreciated.

Q16: Will completion over 100 miles get recognition and be recorded on the official LDWA Hundred register?
A: Yes and thus also towards any future multiple completion awards. If you wish to decline entry into the register please ensure you select this option during your entry application.

Q17: I’m due to receive a 10/20/30/40 Hundred award after my completion of the next official LDWA Hundred. Will successful completion of at least one hundred miles in this virtual event still count?
A: Yes absolutely

Q18: Will completion of at least fifty miles count as a valid qualifier towards the 2022 Hundred?
A: These are exceptional circumstances, and, subject to verification/validation individuals completing at least 50 miles in this event within a maximum elapsed time of 24 hours will be credited with a valid qualification for Hundred in 2022.

Q19: Will PACER or other entrant tracking devices be used throughout the weekend?
A: PACER will be populated after the event to provide a historical record. We are not in a position to complete live as in previous challenge events.

Q20:Are we expected to carry all of the normal mandatory kit?
A: Yes. The mandatory equipment is for your personal safety and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the required equipment in order to prevent you getting into difficulty and potentially bring harm to yourself, supporters and potential emergency services, etc.