In memory of Tony Farrell 1931-2019

The Opening of Tony's Gate on Saturday 7th December, 2019 at 11am

In memory of Tony Farrell, a popular Founder Member and Past Chairman

        Tony Farrell

                  Tony Farrell enjoying a Pint

Don Shipton lifelong friend of Tony and early Wessex Member and Adam Farrell was present when we dedicated the opening of a new gate replacing a stile near the Wayfarer's path at Hinton Ampner at Grid Reference: SU 59736 27703 or 51°02.735'N, 1°08.955'W.  

We thank the 26 Wessex members who gave a total of £321, this paid for the gate, a plaque and a donation to Hinton Ampner NT.

Here follows the speech made by Don Shipton 

"Hello: My name is Don Shipton. A very close friend of Tony, Ann Farrell and family.

Don Shipton's Speech I would like to say a few words on behalf of Adam & Jonathan, Tony’s sons who are with us today.

Thank you for coming along to celebrate the “Opening of this Memorial Gate” A tribute to a dear Father & our friend, Tony Farrell.
There are just a few present today who will remember Tony as most are either up there walking in the clouds, or as I suspect, more likely, walking on hot coals in the other place. Others would have joined the Wessex group at a later date of course. They would have missed those wonderful years but like all things, change takes place. They too will have their wonderful moments. However, we should not lose sight of those pioneers that formed the groups in the early “Seventies”.  Tony was one of these, and with others, planned and led many of the Wessex club walks. Others have, or will walk in their foot-steps. Some will pass through this gate in the future and may read the plaque and reflect on this. It is encouraging to know this gate will be used by the local people too.

The location is well chosen and replaces a stile, it is a fitting tribute to Tony.
A project like this needs careful planning, landowner’s permission, labour to install, funds to be raised etc.
So, -- a worthy mention of those that made this possible.
Peter Moore and Adam Farrell agreed that a memorial gate would be ideal. Peter has been so diligent seeing this project through, raising funds, making contacts for this to be possible. Many hours of his time, endless emails. Without his input this would not have happened. So, a very big “Thank you” Peter.
Nigel Pickett who gave initial advice and walked the walk locating this spot. Thank you, Nigel. Well done.
A special “Thank You” to John Wood, Head Gardener at Hinton Ampner who ordered and arranged for the National Trust Volunteers to install this gate. This must have taken many hours of hard work to complete. I think you will agree, a great job. We thank you and your team so much.
Thank you to the Committee of the Wessex LDWA and the twenty-six members that contributed to the cost of this gate. A small donation was made to the National Trust with the surplus funds.
Thank you to Tim & Kathy for leading a Tribute Walk in honour of Tony on the 6th October 2019, a mere doddle for the LDWA of 19.3 miles from Cheriton recreation ground to "The Bell Inn” at Winchester. Another of Tony’s watering holes. Painful for me to have missed that.
The National Trust has undertaken to maintain this gate. We thank you for this important commitment.
There are others I must have missed. Thank you too.
A final “Thank You” to the National Trust for allowing us to park at the house today. That has been so helpful.
"The Flower Pots” at Cheriton was one of Tony’s favourite watering holes. It also happens to be where Tony lodged for some months whilst house searching before the family move to Winchester.
An ideal place for us to gather and raise a glass to him. So that is what we will do now and hopefully you all can join us. We endeavour to arrive at 12noon. It could be busy especially pre-Xmas on a Saturday. I understand the pub has been sold and bought by three families in the village. That is good news.
A tab will be set up behind the bar to provide liquid refreshment for you all to raise a glass to Tony. Be sure Adam is present before ordering.
Now it is my honour to declare this gate officially open.
I wish all those passing through a safe and happy journey."

                      TONY’S MEMORIAL GATE                                         

Tony Farrell's Memorial Gate


 Group Photo


Plague on Gate


This gate was erected by Wessex LDWA
In memory of Tony Farrell   1931-2019 
A popular founder member and past chairman