Wensleydale Wedge 2023

The Wensleydale Wedge will no longer be organised as a Challenge Event. 

There will be a social walk taking in the route of the Wedge on Saturday 8th June 2024.  Details of the Wensleydale Wedge route will also be added to the LDWA  Anytime Walks webpages.

Nidderdale Group thank all those who supported the 30 challenge events including entrants, helpers, local landowners and the general community of Askrigg and Upper Wensleydale.


For those who wish to follow the route here are the details of the checkpoint locations as in 2022: Part of the challenge is to navigate the route using public rights of way; there is no route description.  

Cross walls and fences at stiles and gates; close gates; follow way marks.  PLEASE OBSERVE THE COUNTRY CODE.

  • Start    GR948909 - Askrigg Village Hall
  • CP1     GR922876 - Semerwater Bridge
  • CP2     GR916864 - Ruined Chapel
  • CP3     GR935839 - Track Junction
  • CP4     GR962856 - Gate
  • CP5     GR999867 - Thoralby Village Hall
  • CP6     GR015878 - Eshington Lane
  • CP7     GR012888 - Freeholder's Wood
  • CP8     GR037906 - Low Thoresby
  • CP9     GR033918 - Castle Bolton car park
  • CP10   GR009899 - Carperby Village Institute
  • Via       Permissive path GR 007905
  • Via       GR 994902 
  • CP11   GR963917 - Heugh.
  • Finish  GR948909 - Askrigg Village Hall