Wensleydale Wedge 2015

The 25th Wensleydale Wedge took place on Sunday 15th November 2015.  The forecast severe weather and flooded roads meant that there was a high number of non-starters.  The hardy souls who had made it to Askrigg ventured out into gusting wind and driving rain.  Due to flooding the event was diverted up the road from Bainbridge to Stalling Busk; thereafter it was the familiar route.  It wasn't cold, the rain stopped and there was even some sunshine.  The forecast late afternoon severe weather never arrived although it started to rain again as the last few finishers and the sweepers completed the route.  

It is unfortunate that at least one of the front-runners failed to close and secure gates through the farmland after Castle Bolton - as a result flocks of sheep became mixed up to the understandable annoyance of the farmer.  This inconsiderate action led to a revised route being introduced in 2016.

Results are here

Split times showing positions and times at each checkpoint for the first 80 and last 18 finishers are here