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The Red Rose 100.


The Story so far..


It all started in the dim and distant past when Peter Haslam was Membership secretary for the LDWA. Heavy hints were dropped at National Committee meetings that it was about time the 100 came up north. Lancashire has only hosted one other 100 event back in 1991. East Lancs had looked at hosting the event a few years ago but there was not the appetite within the group to carry out such a task. However I was listening to one of our more senior members (Stormin' Norman to those who know him) talking about the 100 and had one of those moments of madness that can take over your life! I decided that East Lancs had the expertise, the members, the countryside etc etc to put on the LDWA flagship event. Having offered to Co-ordinate, I appealed for interested members to help. We decided that we wanted to show Lancashire at its best from the welcome of the people to the beauty of the countryside. That is our aim and we look forward to you visiting.

Four experienced 100 walkers plotted and initially walked the proposed route. Thanks to John Cowburn for his mapping wizardry, and to Paul Allen, Jean Lyon and John Phillips who walked the route. Village Halls were looked at and we have been very fortunate in being able to offer all indoor checkpoints except the first one and partly at Dunsop Bridge. Many thanks to Barbara Shelton and Viv Lee who have visited with their long list of requirements and done some tough negotiatons on prices. The start/finish was not an easy decision. We found that the Education Authorities had a very tough approach to such an event and wanted paperwork/assurances that were a little beyond us. The Anderton Centre has hosted large events before, it used to host the swimming for the Ironman event and the staff are committed to outdoor activities and understand the mentality that makes endurance sports so special. We can also offer some on site accomodation and camping on the farm next door.

The route has now been walked and written.Thanks to John Phillips who wrote the initial route description but has since had to step down. Some major changes had to be made when we approached major landowners for permission. Thanks to Jean Lyon and Alf Short who have negotiated on our behalf and built up good relationships with the relevant parties. There may still have to be changes but we hope these will be minor.

Julia Greenwood, our entries secretary has worked on the qualifying events, the entry forms and the rules. Peter Haslam has been having nightmares for some months now that he has forgotten to order the food! Don't worry Peter, there's still time to do this. Helen Cavanagh is co-ordinating the Marshals walk, all the more remarkable as she donated a kidney to a friend at Christmas.  Jim Ogden has been approaching sponsors, Vi Jones has been working on accommodation lists and places of interest and Nancy Johnson is working on the publicity side. Kathy Page has found us a brilliant clothing supplier and we are offering a small but useful and appropiate selection of memento clothing. Ken Noble is working on the transport needed to make the event run smoothly.

John Sparshatt has been invaluable as our National Committee mentor with his knowledge of 100 events and LDWA workings. Gail Elrick has also helped with queries.

Of course other people have helped and will be helping. Geoff Holburt has walked the route and put forward suggestions for checkpoint opening/closing times based on the faster walkers. Tony Clarke is working on the Risk Assessment. Helen Dickson has designed the badge. Raynet under the guidance of Eddy Wane are planning the communication. So many people have helped and will continue to help, thank you to each and every one of you.

I must give a special mention here to Ian Sykes and his team who have organised the breakfast baggage for many many 100 events. Thank you Ian for coming forward yet again and offering to help. We really appreciate that.

This is the spirit of the LDWA. I have not actually had to ask for any help with manning the checkpoints. Groups have contacted me and offered to help and we have filled them all. What a fantastic testimony to this organisation.

Just one last point. We are all volunteers giving freely of our time and effort. Please remember and respect that. If you have a complaint/query/gripe by all means contact us but be realistic in your expectations and courteous in your manner. In return we will try our best to help.

Hilary Scott.

Committee Members.

Chief Co-ordinator; Hilary Scott.

Entries Secretary; Julia Greenwood.

Route/ Permissions; John Cowburn. Jean Lyon. With thanks to John Phillips for his contribution.

Checkpoint Co-ordinators; Barbara Shelton. Viv Lee.

Food; Peter Haslam.

Treasurer; Paul Allen.

Marshals Walk Co-ordinator; Helen Cavanagh.

Sponsorship; Jim Ogden.

Publicity; Nancy Johnson.

Accomodation; Vi Jones.

Transport; Ken Noble.



National Committee Mentor; John Sparshatt.



To be continued....