Route Revisions



There have been some revisions to the route. The latest version is now avalable on the the website along with a PDF file of the route. Please note that is still subject to change but we hope these will be minor.

18.1.15. There are a few minor amendments to the route, please ensure that you print the latest version if you are looking to recce the route.

12.4.15 Again, there are a few minor amendments to the route descriptions following feedback from those people who have been out recceing.

19.4.15 The latest route revisions to the Marshals walk are now on the website. We hope that these will now no longer be subject to change.

25.4.15 An incorrect grid reference at 12.9 has been spotted. Please amend your Marshals route descriptions on this paragraph reach FB on left of path to cross stream (SD653332).

29.4.15 Please note amendment to paragraph 3.9 to reflect completion of pipework in the area.