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Last updated 12 July 2018

Many thanks to all these photographers who together have assembled such an impressive range of images.

If you have a set of photos that you wish to make available for the Gallery, please contact with brief details.

Photos in these galleries may have been contributed by entrants, marshals or supporters.

If you would like any photo removed, please contact with brief details.  Thank you.



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Main Event

Jim Briggs: 26 May
The Start at Hastings, approaching CP3 (Wittersham) and near Midley Church.

Jim Briggs: 27 May
CP9 (Breakfast at Hythe), Langdon Cliffs at Dover and near Walmer Castle.

Jim Briggs: 28 May
The Finish at Duke of York's Royal Military School.

Michael Jones
The Start at Hastings, CP1 (Pett Level), CP3 (Wittersham), CP9 (Breakfast at Hythe), CP10 (Folkestone) and the Finish at Duke of York's Royal Military School.

Eric Rolfe: The Full Set
Eric's full set of photos from start to finish.

Eric Rolfe: A Selection
Eric's own selection from his full set.

Steve Clark
LDWA national website

Nick Ham

Merrian Lancaster

Paul Lawrence

Andy Todd

Marshals' Walk

Jim Briggs
The Start, CP1 (Pett Level), CP3 (Wittersham), CP9 (Breakfast at Hythe) and Langdon Cliffs at Dover.

Michael Jones
CP5 (Appledore), CP12 (St Margaret's) and the Finish at Whitfield.

Andy Todd

Essex & Herts