Valleys 100 Route

Post Event Notice

These route files and display on an OS map give the pre-event route that does not cross the private land that
we had permission to use for the event. The difference is minor and only involves about 0.6 miles of the route.

The full route is available in the following forms:

Main Event

Marshals' Event

PDF document PDF document
Display on an OS map (see below) Display on an OS map (see below)
GPS tracks (.zip file) GPS tracks (.zip file)


Map display

To zoom in or out use the mouse wheel (zooms in to 1:50000 map then street level in towns).
To pan hold down the left mouse button and drag.
Alternatively use the controls in the top left corner of the display.
(This display uses the free Ordnance Survey OpenSpace service which has a limit on the number of map tiles that
can be downloaded per day. Should this limit be exceeded the map will not be displayed for the rest of that day - please
try again the next day).