New Features

New features & Developments 

  1. Export entrants' details from SiEntries in PACER-ready format
    In Feb 2019 SiEntries - used by several groups to manage their on-line entries - announced a new feature which enables the download of entrant's details directly into the required PACER format. This means you can export your list of entrants from SiEntries and upload it directly to PACER with no processing involved. This should significantly reduce the admin overhead involved in this process.

    To access the new export, log onto SiEntries, choose your event then go to the “Reports” menu option. Selecting the “LDWA Pacer Export” tab results in this screen:-


    The Number and Name columns are fixed and will always pre-populate to the appropriate values from SiEntries. The other columns can be left blank, or more usually you will choose the appropriate matching SiEntries field from the dropdown list.

    The 'course' names used in SiEntries might not reflect the route names used in PACER. You can edit these names in Route Mapping, If you only have 1 route then you might just wish to enter 'Main' in the free-format box.

    Once set and a file downloaded then all of the mappings are saved, so you only need to do this step once per event.

    The following shows what a typical setup might look like once the correct options have been chosen:-