Maps required for the Dorset 100

The maps required to cover the complete route are:

  • OS 1:25,000 Explorer 116, 117 and OL15 OR
  • OS 1:50,000 Landranger 193 and 194 OR
  • Bespoke map, A0 landscape size, centred on (360900,94300) which is about 1.5km WSW of Frampton. This map can be purchased from the UK Map Centre at a cost of £21.85. You may prefer to buy a map with the recce route on it, which is now available from the UK Map Centre. You'll have to draw in the few kilometres of last minute route changes (that's the permissive sections over private land), as these won't be released until a week before the event.
    Note that you must order the A0 landscape map, which covers an area of 50 km by 30 km, to include the whole route. The standard Ordnance Survey bespoke maps cover a square area on the ground of 40km by 40 km which does not include the whole route.

Computer-generated versions of these maps printed in colour at a scale of not less than 1:50,000, waterproof and covering at least 1 mile either side of the route will be acceptable.

Maps in electronic format will also be allowed provided durability and adequate power supply can be demonstrated if requested by a marshal. We have a special offer from Satmap. You can get a bundle including a GPS unit or just a map card for the Dorset 100.