Climb 5 10,000ft Alpine Summits in 5 days

Wed 26th Aug 2009

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Event Type
Group Walk
Region / Area
Southern England / French Alps
Local Group
Val d'Isere

Details. Ldr Nicole Carbonara

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Walk Report

Climb 5 10,000ft Alpine Summits in 5 Days, Wednesday 26th August to Tuesday 1st September 2009
Leader Nicole Carbonara
No, we didn't climb five 10,000ft summits in 5 days as planned but, as the group was exceptionally strong and fit, instead we climbed 7 summits in 4 days. On our day off we enjoyed a rather technical via ferrata in the morning, an easy climb in the afternoon and an outstanding homemade dinner, prepared by an Englishman, in the evening. The weather was absolutely gorgeous all week.