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The LDWA is an Association of people with the common interest of walking long distances in rural, urban, mountainous or moorland areas.

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Please find below a note from Nicky Wood concerning the LDWA Hill Register. She would be grateful if you could forward this to all your members.

Thank You & Best Wishes,


For the attention of those interested in hillwalking

I just wanted to let you know that for 2022, I will be taking over as the Recorder for the LDWA Hill Registers.  David Purchase has done a fabulous job for the last few years, but has decided to stand down this winter, (and I volunteered to give it a go)! 

Many of you already collect hills in the registers the LDWA supports.  For others, this is a perfect time for a New Year Resolution.  I attach here a link to the relevant pages on the LDWA website.  (They are rather hidden, search under the ‘more’ heading on the home page if you are ever trying to find them). Hillwalkers' Register (ldwa.org.uk)

For those of you who have completed lists during 2021, but have not yet sent in your claim forms, you can do so now, and you will note that my address is now on the claim form.  For those of you who have already sent in claims, David has processed most, with a few outstanding handed over to me.  And you will be pleased to note that David plans to write the Annual Report for the Hillwalkers Register which will appear in the April 2022 story.

You can continue to send in any progress reports, stories or photos you have that you think might be of interest for the Annual Report.  Email them in to hillwalker@ldwa.org.uk.  They will come now to me, but I will be sure to share them with David for his report. 

In order to streamline the claims process, and to help us comply with Data Protection requirements, we are just about to launch a new way for you to make your claims.  Any day now we will add a new electronic claim form (PDF Form which you can fill in) to the website.  You can simply fill it in, save it as a PDF and email it across to hillwalker@ldwa.org.uk.

And you will be able to pay for any certificates or badges you would like, via the shop: you can click at the top of the LDWA website to get to the shop/donations page, then click on certificates and pay.  You will get an email to say you have paid and you simply forward that with your PDF claim form to me.

And the final message is to be patient for certificates – there are over 200 miles between the home locations of the “hill recorder past” and “hill recorder present” and scrooge says I can’t drive down!  We will be getting all the necessary paperwork moved by ‘pigeon’ very soon, but there may be a short delay so do bear with us.

I intend to post lots of snippets about the hill registers on the LDWA Facebook page to keep people interested as we go forward, but in the meantime, I wish you all a wonderful 2022 of hill walking.  Any queries, feel free to email.  

Nicky Wood

(Lakeland LDWA)

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