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Author: Wendy Leete
Posted: Sun 12th Sep 2010, 15:18
Joined: 2003
Local Group: North Yorkshire
Is there any way we can have the group's name listed at the side of group walk in the group walks list (hope this makes sense). It would be so much easier to see which area the walk is in than to look at each walk individually. I know there is a mapping system, but we don't all find that the easiest way to look at the walks listed.
Author: Garfield Southall
Posted: Tue 31st Aug 2010, 15:03
Joined: 1991
Local Group: Merseystride
Sue, Fiona.
One idea would be to join the LDWA facebook group, which now has 276 members, and then you can send private messages to each other.

Posted: Tue 31st Aug 2010, 9:23
Joined: 1997
Sandwell Six Towns Marathon
Sunday August 29

This was an out of the ordinary event being somewhat urban in character.If you do not aspire to canal walking this is not for you!
The event is the brainchild of the Sandwell Ramblers with the backing of the Local Authority.The start is from a marquee in the showground of the Sandwell Show - all is deserted except for marshalls and security staff first thing in the morning but on completing the walk the area is throng with folk all enjoying a good day out.The actual walk is very interesting for beside exploring the facinating network of Midland canals several towns beloved of Arnold Bennett are traversed with light relief being provided by passage through several of the local parks.Check points are adequate with sweetstuff and drinks being offered and at the 17 mile stage , in a sports centre , hot drinks.
The most unusual feature of the route was the passing through of the 1.75 mile Netherton Tunnel ( the plight of the Chilean miners was I am sure in the minds of most folk as they experienced the prolonged Stygian gloom!)
A t-shirt and drink bottle was awarded to everyone along with the usual certificate but no meal at the completion.
Overall, an event worth supporting ( this being the inaugral one ) as the organisers and marshalls were most enthusiastic and welcoming.
Rod Heywood
Author: Fiona Cameron
Posted: Wed 17th Feb 2010, 20:02
Joined: 2003
Local Group: Surrey
Hi Sue,

I don't think it is possible with the current forum set up. I'll pass on the idea to Reg for consideration on the next site upgrade. The forum is a little 'staid' in its setup compared to some and I suppose one option might be to bolt on some dedicated forum software onto the main LDWA website that would allow all the usual features that regular forum-users are familiar with.
Author: Sue Hazell
Posted: Sun 17th Jan 2010, 18:21
Joined: 1997
Is it possible to send a private message to someone via the website? It would be useful, for example, if goods were being offered for sale but the parties wished their home addresses to be confidential and only exchanged between themselves.

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