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Discussion Forum - Events - What's your favourite event?

Author: Jeff Campbell
Posted: Fri 11th Apr 2008, 0:18
Joined: 1984
Local Group: Surrey
For me it was the Lakeland 4 x 3000', starting from Keswick at 0200, heading straight for the summit of Skiddaw. Eventually linking up with the other 3 3000' fells, and (apart from the horrible main road section from the bottom of Helvellyn back to Keswick) a wonderful route. Sunrise over Derwent Water is magical, as is the view from the Corridor route looking over to Great Gable. Unfortunately this event stopped several years ago, seemingly due to a major rock fall on Lord's Rake (Scafell) and fewer numbers. A great shame.

Not as dramatic, but very rewarding, I find the Long Mynd and Dorset Doddle. Each has its own particular character and although I feel I know the routes inside out you team up with different people every year, conditions change and each is a unique experience.

Author: Paul Sorensen
Posted: Mon 17th Mar 2008, 13:44
Joined: 1987
Local Group: Dorset
So many events to choose from, but I have some favourites in no particular order:
Across Wales Walk, Longmynd Hike, Rotherham Roundabout, Wyre Forest 50, Wendover Gap, New Forest Marathon. It's the variety that I love about the LDWA, and as always the exceptionally helpfull checkpoint workers who help us on our way!
Author: Nicky Wood
Posted: Thu 28th Feb 2008, 22:56
Joined: 1993
Local Group: Lakeland
Thanks to those who have said they enjoy That's Lyth in the Lake District. If you enjoyed that, and want more of the same hospitality check out our Spring in Lakeland event on 6 April - guaranteed plenty of good scenery, food and fun company along the way. It's the Coniston/Tilberthwaite route which you enjoyed in snow last year -hopefully spring sunshine this year but hey who knows we don't organise that bit!!
Author: Julie Wyant
Posted: Mon 25th Feb 2008, 12:33
Joined: 2006
Local Group: Heart of England
Yesterday's South Shropshire Circular was fantastic.

Great route, great food, and great folks on the way round.

I've loved them all though (out of 7, or is it 8, I've done). The Hebden was also great, and the ones in the Peak District. Yes and Malvern. Oh how can I choose??
Author: Rebecca Lawrence
Posted: Sat 12th Jan 2008, 17:44
Joined: 2003
Local Group: Marches
My favourite event is the poppyline 50, I notice its in its 10th (and final) year in 2008. Love this one as its fairly flat, always seems to be great weather, and an interesting walk with very few field edges (my pet hate!). Only downside is the pig off a journey from the midlands to Norwich.
Author: Roy Turner
Posted: Fri 11th Jan 2008, 23:22
Joined: 1988
Local Group: Vermuyden (South Yorks)
11/01/2008 Catharine, The Myrtle! You,re in for a treat! But it does,nt come easy. After the hard work,you need all that food!Observe&Enjoy. See you there. ROY.
Author: Frank Cartwright
Posted: Thu 10th Jan 2008, 19:44
Joined: 1978
Local Group: Lakeland
My favourites in no particular order
North Wales - Open to Offas
Midlands - Malvern Midsummer Marathon
Shropshire - Stretton Skyline (It's a fell race but would be a fantastic LDWA event)
Lakes - Autumn in Lakeland
White Peak - Six Dales Circuit

All are friendly with good food and excellent scenery
Author: Catharine Gregory
Posted: Fri 4th Jan 2008, 11:46
Joined: 2007
Local Group: Bristol & West
The Myrtle Meander had better live up to expectations! I've decided to take a little group up from Bristol and we're already looking forward to the cakes!

Author: Geoff Deighton
Posted: Sun 9th Dec 2007, 13:43
Joined: 1981
Local Group: High Peak
Our vote goes to The Myrtle Meander, at the end of February. Rugged Yorkshire scenery, tasty home made cakes and the possibility of a steam train sighting near Haworth!
Author: Julie Welch
Posted: Sun 9th Dec 2007, 11:53
Joined: 1996
Local Group: London
One of my favourites happens to be at the end of this month - the Stansted Stagger. Not for the views (Essex falls a bit short on magnificent panoramas, though the villages are pretty) so much as the hospitality. Essex & Herts LDWA give great food/warmth/welcome. The route descriptions are exceptionally lucid, too, and as long as you aren't allergic to a bit of mud you get a lovely Christmassy day out. Great for runners, too.
Author: MIke Rayner
Posted: Fri 7th Dec 2007, 20:10
Joined: 1983
What about some other favourite events then? Or any least favourites?
Author: Madeleine Watson
Posted: Sun 11th Nov 2007, 21:51
Joined: 2002
Local Group: West Yorkshire
Glad to see Wensleydale Wedge is in your favourites - I'm looking forward to next weekend.
Author: MIke Rayner
Posted: Sat 10th Nov 2007, 7:44
Joined: 1983
It's all down to a combination of excellent route, with ups and downs and good views; good food on the checkpoints and a good welcome from the helpers. So, without further ado and in no particular order, That's Lyth, Kettlewell Kanter, Pathfinder 25 and the Wensleydale Wedge. Special "please organise this event again" award to Saint Wilfrid's Stomp. But really, thank you to the organisers of every event, they're all great.
Author: Carol Coyne
Posted: Tue 23rd Oct 2007, 12:30
Joined: 2004
Local Group: Surrey
The Founders Challenge is THE event in my walking calendar. A true celebration of the inception of the LDWA as an organisation. Each year I think the London LDWA group can't possibly match the high standard of organisation and catering. And every year the group does! Among the secrets of success: homemade cakes, varied route (some challenging ups and downs!), wonderful scenary, welcoming marshals (some groups can be a bit clichey).
PS I've heard some wonderful things about the Bristol/Avon group but just a bit too far for me for me to travel.
Author: Catharine Gregory
Posted: Mon 15th Oct 2007, 17:11
Joined: 2007
Local Group: Bristol & West
This has definitely given me some ideas for 2008. In fact, I have issued a challenge to all my friends to see if the cakes on the Myrtle Meander really are the best on any event!

A Foot in Two Dales and the Anglezarke Amble are both in my diary too. Any more ideas v welcome though!

Author: Jill King
Posted: Fri 12th Oct 2007, 14:47
Joined: 1981
Local Group: North Yorkshire
Thanks Ian and Pauline for the mention of Afoot in Two Dales. It is indeed on in 2008 with the same enthusiastic support that goes with all Cleveland groups events.We will look forward to seeing you. Entry forms for the event and the Tandem are on the group website now.
Author: Sue Allonby
Posted: Thu 4th Oct 2007, 9:37
Joined: 2003
It's hard to chose a favourite route, as there are so many good ones, but I've especially enjoyed 'Autumn in Lakeland' and '3 Rings of Shap'. For food, last week's Wycoller Hoof would be very hard to beat (bananas, oranges and good sandwich selection at every CP.)
Author: Ian & Pauline Charters
Posted: Thu 4th Oct 2007, 7:21
Joined: 2000
Local Group: Lakeland
Difficult to reduce the list to only one so with a little self-indulgence I would offer three (in alphabetical order) along with a recommendation that, if you haven't tried any of them you should (must?) try in 2008.

Afoot In Two Dales - only every other year so don't miss in 2008. Well supported, organised, provisioned and a challenging, entertaining route.

Barbondale Round - a 'West Lancs Winner' - my favourite short (<50 miles) event by a very long way - try it and you will never forget the second climb but you will enjoy it (afterwards).

That's Lyth - perhaps for sentimental reasons (our first event) but it continues to be blessed with good weather to match the route, a very fine winter outing.

Author: Madeleine Watson
Posted: Tue 2nd Oct 2007, 22:37
Joined: 2002
Local Group: West Yorkshire
I think you need 2 categories here. One for the food & drinks and one for the route.

Food & drink - Myrtle Meander (those trays of cakes are like nothing I've ever seen...). Same organiser of Harden Hard 'un - not done that one but I presume the food's as good.

On the route - current favourite I think is the Lunesdale Walks. Not sure if this was because of the surprise - wasn't really expecting much and it was just gorgeous. Helped by a superb bright sunny day in March. And the only time I'd met Boyd.
Author: Catharine Gregory
Posted: Thu 27th Sep 2007, 22:59
Joined: 2007
Local Group: Bristol & West
Thanks for plugging the Malvern Marathon, Roy. I didn't think I could put that one as my favourite (seeing as it's my group) but I do love it.
Author: Roy N Davies
Posted: Wed 26th Sep 2007, 22:09
Joined: 1994
Local Group: East Lancashire
I'm a spasmodic walker who wants to be at home in bed with my wife as soon as it starts to get dark so most of the events I have done are under 30 miles. I have enjoyed every single one of them but ones that stand out include the Malvern Marathon and Harden Hardun. Best of the lot though is the Ulfkil Stride and I do hope that one isn't lost for good.
Author: Garfield & Helen Southall
Posted: Wed 26th Sep 2007, 21:23
Joined: 1991
Local Group: Merseystride
Bit of a cop-out answer, John, but I know what you mean. Each brings its challenges and its rewards. Even the same event can change its character from year to year, depending upon the weather, your own mood and fitness.

I do prefer longer routes. I miss the North Yorkshire Moors Crosses event, as I do the Peakland Heritage (one I'd love to resuscitate). The Fellsman I find harder than most 100's but will always have a place in my top-ten. My file of certificates is 4-inches thick but I doubt I could find more than a handful that I didn't enjoy.

So, I'll cop-out too !! Garfield
Author: John King
Posted: Wed 26th Sep 2007, 20:47
Joined: 2002
Every event i have done to date has been great, and as i hope to do many more it would be impossible to single out one as a favorite.

As my needs are simple i can not add much as to how they can be improved because every event i have done it is obvious that all involved have worked damned hard to make sure that everybody has a good day out, and for that i thank them.

In short if am physically challenged, outdoors and my basic needs are meet i am as happy as larry no matter where i am.

all the best
Author: Andy Griffin
Posted: Wed 26th Sep 2007, 20:40
Joined: 2002
Local Group: East Lancashire
I always enjoy the Anglezarke Amble. The West Lancs have run this event over thirty years and it is always popular. The homemade cakes are excellent. The route takes in the West Pennine Moors and the views in good weather are magnificent. You can see North Wales and the Lancashire and Cheshire Plain upto Barrow in Furness to the North. Most of Lancashire can be seen from this walk in fact. It was also one of the first challenge events I entered after joining the LDWA so I do have a soft spot for it. Long may it continue.
Author: Catharine Gregory
Posted: Wed 26th Sep 2007, 18:55
Joined: 2007
Local Group: Bristol & West
Why's it so good and what could other event organisers do to make theirs better?

I thought it was time we all moved on from the reasons events get cancelled and celebrate some good events instead. There are lots out there and hopefully this thread will encourage people to try something new.

Mine is the Hardy Annual. Great mixture of coastal and cross-country walking, a few good hills to get the blood pumping and some of the best checkpoint food! I like the choice of two routes as well (in case I'm too lazy to go for the really early start!).


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