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Discussion Forum - Gear ! - Garmin GPSMAP 66s

Author: Bill Lancashire
Posted: Fri 23rd Apr 2021, 8:41
Joined: 2003
Local Group: South Wales
Hello Neil,

Thank you for your reply.

I have only recently acquired a GPSMAP 66s having traded-up my Oregon 600 for it. I too intend to use it to record the GPX track whilst walking my Y100 route which I've measured as 102.3 miles. I've recorded one of my 'loops' at 24.7 miles and it gives the same mileage as my old GPSMAP 64s. What I have noticed in comparing the two devices is that the 66s gives a Trip Recorder mileage in close agreement with the GPX track whereas that on my 64s always overestimated slightly.

I have set it to record a waypoint at each 0.02 miles which seems about right and the device should be able to record the full distance as one file although I will save after each 'loop'. I will probably also carry both the 66s and the 64s just to be safe.

Overall I am very pleased with the GPSMAP 66s. It seems to have a much faster processor than previous Garmins that I have owned. I didn't get on with the Oregon 600 because of touch screen problems particularly in heavy rain. The GPSMAP 64s is getting quite old and occasionally 'has it's moments'.

I tried the Satmap 12 but didn't get on with it for two reasons: I like to compile my own vector maps but the Satmap won't accept any other than the ones Satmap want to sell. Secondly I found it difficult to read the screen in bright sunlight. In contrast the Garmin transflective screens just get brighter as the sunlight gets stronger.

Best of luck with your '100'.
Author: Neil Bromley
Posted: Mon 19th Apr 2021, 21:13
Joined: 2002
Local Group: Heart of England
Yes, Bill, I have one and find it a brilliant upgrade on my previous unreliable touchscreen Oregon - with luck, capable of recording my virtual Sir Fynwy reliably without crashing out after a few miles like its predecessor. I assume you use the online 18 page manual - I find this pretty reliable - and go to the main menu options to select Recording Controls to record a track or use the Find button to access an uploaded route. When using the latter I find that the usual blue line trace appears very faint against the solid line of the route and I only really notice it when I have gone off piste! If just recording a track it shows a thin blue line - I have just tested it by walking around the garden and it shows clearly on a 1:25,000 map.

Just a thought. Have you set you profile up for hiking on setup/recording/activity type and in advanced settings choosing trip recording? No idea if this would make a difference but can't think of anything else.

As I say, I think it's an excellent product but I can't understand why it exports 2 separate tracks into Base Camp for a given activity, one of them clearly exaggerating the distance and altitude gain which also shows on the on-screen dashboard. I plan to walk at least 102 miles on the Sir Fynwy to ensure that my submitted track passes scrutiny from your meticulous group examiners as equivalent to 100 Welsh miles!
Author: Bill Lancashire
Posted: Sat 17th Apr 2021, 9:51
Joined: 2003
Local Group: South Wales
Has any LDWA Member any experience of using the GPAMAP 66s for recording Tracks?. On the older GPSMAP 64s there is the option to either 'Show' or 'Not Show' the recorded track on the display during the activity. I can't seem to find such a setting on the 66s.

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