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Author: John Williams
Posted: Mon 5th Feb 2007, 12:08
Joined: 1984
Local Group: The Irregulars
I did this walk once which was enough.The organisers seemed intent on enforcing petty rules and the course was largely flat and boring over farmland.The checkpoints were poor and on a walk of this length it is in my view unacceptable.i would not do it again.
Author: Elton Ellis
Posted: Thu 14th Dec 2006, 18:51
Joined: 2006
Local Group: Surrey
I did it this year (no LDWA long-distance event nearby in December). It was a good walk, with challenging conditions. Biggest gripes are: having to do it in teams of three (one person does map reading, others are passengers - I hate being a passenger), starting at 12:00 o'clock (minimum three hours walking time wasted), no food at the checkpoints. More minor gripes: some silly kit rules, unnecessarily massive support (is it really necessary to have the emergency aid services sitting in their vans with their engines running all night?).

But it was a good walk, with good walking companions, and I enjoyed it. Also a good opportunity to tell others of the LDWA and sing its praises.
Author: Rebecca Lawrence
Posted: Thu 14th Dec 2006, 8:26
Joined: 2003
Local Group: Marches
ha ha. I must admit I am a bit like a dog with a bone about kit checks too.

Change boots to 'suitable footware' and allow quick drying running tights instead of waterproof trousers and I'll be there!!!
Author: Anne Wade
Posted: Tue 12th Dec 2006, 20:33
Joined: 1994
Local Group: Heart of England
Not until the kit list is sorted out and the boots issue is resolved.
Author: Steve Jelfs
Posted: Wed 6th Dec 2006, 19:03
Joined: 1998
Local Group: Heart of England
glad you enjoyed the hike nigel .yes the weather was bad but the organisers xreport it was not the worst weather conditions they have experienced in the 39 years of the event .the tour de trigs is an immense challenge of stamina and determination as well as map reading skills . i was leader of a team this year that won the over the hill trophy and enjoyed this hike 9(as i have done for the last 10 years .so come on you ldwa members enter next years event and see for your self
Author: Nigel Dean
Posted: Wed 6th Dec 2006, 17:21
Joined: 1989
Local Group: West Lancashire
This superbly organised event (at least the two years I’ve done it) took us this year to the east and south east of Banbury. This included a very diverse mix of scenery and weather. There were paths, tracks, fields, very rough ground, cross country sections, streams to follow, hills a plenty and welcome villages. It was a undulating, interesting, entertaining and challenging route. It was made all the more challenging by doing it off the 1:50,000 map instead of the 1:25,000s as GPSs are not permitted. Each team of three gets the route description (consisting of grid references which fully define the route) only 30 minutes before you set off. The grid references include checkpoints and self clips about 20 attached to reflective traffic cones which thankfully make them easy to spot at night. Since it is a scout event there are many young people and a great atmosphere of eagerness, excitement and trepidation. The check points provide hot and cold drinks but part of the challenge is that you have to carry all your own food for the route but get a good fried breakfast at the end.

We had a later start at 1127 Saturday morning. The weather was sunny but very breezy though not cold. As night fell the wind intensified but there was a superb moon more than ample to walk by without the torch. It clouded over around midnight and by 0300 the rain was horizontal. Not bad with your back to it but walking into it you need goggles to see anything 10’ beyond your feet. Fortunately this only lasted 20 minutes. It was a battle to make progress into the wind on mud at times but that all adds to the sense of achievement.
Twenty seven of the 74 senior teams completed the 50 mile route this year.

If you enjoy long distance walking and old fashioned navigating this is an event for you.

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