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Discussion Forum - Gear ! - 100% waterproof

Author: Nick Ford
Posted: Fri 10th Aug 2007, 3:04
Joined: 1996
Local Group: The Irregulars
Suanders used to do an excellent poncho (Dont know if they still do. I've used mine on a few LDP as it is light and easy enough to slip on during showers, keeping me dry and warm (not sweaty hot) when walking. A bit expensive, but well made, a good size (well past the knees) and a large enough hump to fit over any size rucksac.
Author: Sue Allonby
Posted: Mon 16th Jul 2007, 16:16
Joined: 2003
Author: David A Millard
Posted: Mon 16th Jul 2007, 13:53
Joined: 1990
Local Group: West Yorkshire
During the current monsoon season I have seen 1 or 2 walkers wearing capes/ponchos. Does anyone know the maker and where they can be obtained.
Posted: Wed 28th Feb 2007, 15:29
Joined: 2006
PS. Forgot to say thanks for all the useful information. I'm glad that there are 2 other people out of over 130 viewers that also wear waterproofs!!!
Posted: Wed 28th Feb 2007, 13:41
Joined: 2006
Author: Rebecca Lawrence
Posted: Fri 17th Nov 2006, 23:59
Joined: 2003
Local Group: Marches
Author: Elton Ellis
Posted: Fri 17th Nov 2006, 17:31
Joined: 2006
Local Group: Surrey
Don't bother with the "breathable". If you're walking hard, you're going to sweat no matter what. Breathable linings might make a difference in theory, but little difference in practice. I find it is best to put on a waterproof when it is raining, sweat, then take it off and dry out by evaporation in the rain stops. If the rain doesn't stop, I walk wet and warm - which I would be doing with the breathable jacket anyway.
Posted: Fri 17th Nov 2006, 14:02
Joined: 2006
I am looking for a 100% waterproof and breathable coat for not a lot of money. I want just a single skin waterproof that will pack away into a small bundle to carry inbetween downpours to prevent getting unnecessarily hot. If I need to use it in cold weather I will just wear a fleece underneath. Any suggestions/recommendations/disapprovals???

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