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Discussion Forum - Events - Roundhay 50

Author: Marian White
Posted: Tue 17th Dec 2019, 19:52
Joined: 2011
Local Group: Heart of England
I've entered it, but had been wondering about a limit on numbers. Partner is thinking about entering to do just the first loop with me. I'd feel bad about us taking away someone's chance of completing the full 50 - but presumably some of the current entries have taken the option of just doing the second loop? So if he made a note on the entry could he be combined with another "half the route" to make one full entry?! Or that just too hard and I'm over thinking the whole thing....
Author: Tony Willey
Posted: Tue 17th Dec 2019, 8:12
Joined: 1989
Local Group: Lakeland
That’s very encouraging. Wellington Boot is full and our Spring in Lakeland 50 on the same weekend has 300 entries so far, 80% of whom are LDWA members.
Author: Madeleine Watson
Posted: Mon 16th Dec 2019, 21:58
Joined: 2002
Local Group: West Yorkshire
Just to let you know that there is a limit of 180 entrants on the Roundhay 50. I didn't think I'd need to publicise it, but the numbers are creeping up towards it!
Author: Jeff Stevens
Posted: Wed 27th Nov 2019, 19:45
Joined: 2014
Local Group: West Yorkshire
I did the 28 mile loop on Saturday with a small group led by Maleleine and Ithought the route was fantastic .
We are doing the 22 mile route on sunday 2n December . But I cant wait to put them together in February.
Many thanks to all in the group for a fabulous day .
Regards Jeff
Author: Michael Jones
Posted: Fri 11th Oct 2019, 21:18
Joined: 2011
Local Group: Heart of England
A bit late joining the discussion, but with regard to Janet's point below, when I had the idea of holding a 100 in an area where I was aware that the local committee felt that they did not have the resources to do so themselves, I suggested it to the Chair and 100s Co-Ordinator, who agreed that while any 100 requires a committee to organise it, there is no reason why this must necessarily be the committee of an existing local group. We assembled a committee, submitted our proposal, it was approved and we're rolling on our merry way towards 2022.

Of course, any application to stage a 100 has to be approved by the NEC, regardless of who submits it, so in that respect the approval process was no different from any other 100. Shorter events don't usually have to go through the NEC, so I agree that it would be useful to lay down some rules for such independent events. If this is intended to start a trend towards more of them, will we need a new subcommittee to approve them? The NEC have many other demands on their time, so if a lot of people want to set up independent events, it will cease to be feasible for them to review every application and still get through the rest of their business. I do support the idea in principle - there's one existing challenge walk which, while it's effectively a LDWA event in that all the organisers and volunteers, and many of the entrants, are members, isn't so officially because it doesn't have the support of the local group for that area. The new category will enable that event to be brought under the LDWA "umbrella", and I'm sure it will benefit from having the official status. So - good idea, but if the new category is intended to become a regular feature of the calendar rather than being created solely for one event, the process for obtaining approval for it needs to be standardised.

As to the Roundhay 50 itself, while I applaud Madeleine and the rest of the organising group for their initiative in setting up a new event, unfortunately I won't be entering as the 20 hour time limit wouldn't be enough for me!
Author: Madeleine Watson
Posted: Fri 11th Oct 2019, 8:41
Joined: 2002
Local Group: West Yorkshire
I've put gpx files of the route on the page now. Route description to follow shortly.
Author: Jeff Stevens
Posted: Fri 13th Sep 2019, 17:10
Joined: 2014
Local Group: West Yorkshire
Hi Madeleine.
Having more or less walked the routes you have chosen (In smaller walks of course) I can say it will be a brilliant day out.
Fantastic that we have this 50 in February where it will put another big walk in the calendar for us to fill.
All I can say is it looks popular already and I hope a lot more will get involved.
Many thanks Jeff.
Author: Janet R Pitt-Lewis
Posted: Wed 11th Sep 2019, 22:57
Joined: 1993
Local Group: Marches
I am sure that any event with Madeleine organising it will be first rate and I am checking my diary to be sure I can sign up for this BUT I am a bit confused. I am sure that an event organised by a group of individual LDWA members such as Madeleine (a member of the NEC and a very experienced member) will be well organised and approved by the LDWA so as to comply with all the insurance requirements. I can also see when an event organised by individual members rather than a group may be appropriate - for example, when there is no local group or when the local group does not have the inclination or resources to organise events. However this is an area blessed with very active local groups. Are we entering a new era when individual members are being encouraged to organise events without the backing of local groups? How do they apply to do it? Who approves the application? What are the criteria applied? Are the local groups consulted? I am certainly not opposed to new ways of doing things. It would however be quite interesting for the general membership to be informed when the NEC decides to try adopt a new policy on something as well established as organisation of challenge events.
Author: Madeleine Watson
Posted: Wed 11th Sep 2019, 15:41
Joined: 2002
Local Group: West Yorkshire
I'm sure you'll be fine Shirley! Some lovely bits in both loops for you to enjoy.
Author: Shirley Hume
Posted: Wed 11th Sep 2019, 11:35
Joined: 1980
Local Group: South Wales
Entered! Sounds interesting, just hope I can force myself out on the second loop......
Author: Madeleine Watson
Posted: Tue 10th Sep 2019, 23:12
Joined: 2002
Local Group: West Yorkshire
Entries are now open for the new Roundhay 50 event. Based at St Edmund's Church in Roundhay, Leeds. 22nd/23rd February 2020.

Details on website

Entries via SI entries

Look forward to seeing you then! Madeleine

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