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Author: Ian Koszalinski
Posted: Mon 28th Mar 2005, 18:10
Joined: 2004
Local Group: High Peak
try adding some 50yd sprints into your running, stamina is all about exertion and recovery, plodding along at the same speed does not increase your heart rate but tends to keep it at the same level, getting your heart rate to speed up, then allow to recover will increase your stamina, also on long walks try using the iso tonic gels
Author: Garfield & Helen Southall
Posted: Mon 28th Mar 2005, 12:50
Joined: 1991
Local Group: Merseystride
The psychological (as well as physical) effect of having food inside you should never be forgotten. Countless times I've been ready to throw the towel in but just sat down for a few minutes and forced myself to drink and eat. The transformation really is remarkable. All too often we tend to be too bothered with "what time will I do", rather than "I'm going to enjoy AND finish this". After 40 miles everyone will have some discomforture but a happy tummy will help you face the little whinges your anatomy will throw at you !
Posted: Mon 28th Mar 2005, 12:03
Joined: 2005
I have two questions. Firstly I am lucky enough through my work to have access to all the OS maps. I have plotted the points and highlighted the route for the CL 100 on one map, which I cut and stuck together from the landranger maps detailed, thus making my own centred map at no cost. Would this be acceptable for the CL100.

My second question is about training. I am newly come to long distance walking and the CL100 will be first 100 event. I entered the Tour De Trigs in Dec 04 but retired after 40 miles (not surprising as I had been in bed with a chest infection 14 days before the event) and I walk regulalrly, for instance I walked 32 miles yesterday near my home in Anglesey. I also run 3 or 4 lunchtimes a week about 5 miles each time. Whilst I consider myself quite fit I seem to suffer from a lack of stamina because whenever I get beyond the 40 mile mark there just doesn't seem to be anything left in the fuel tank and I go down hill rapdily. I would like to know if there is any sort of training regime or advice that memebers can offer to improve stamina. I have been looking on the Internet but have found little information.
Author: Paul Sorensen
Posted: Tue 22nd Mar 2005, 19:32
Joined: 1987
Local Group: Dorset
Can I also please add that the route is now available in plain text format on our event website.

Entrants can also see colour pictures of the merchandise available.

The organisers look forward to welcoming you all to the beautiful Chilterns countryside.
Author: Paul Sorensen
Posted: Tue 22nd Mar 2005, 19:31
Joined: 1987
Local Group: Dorset
I note with interest the comment that entrants sign to absolve the organisers of any responsibility. Unfortunately it is not as easy as that.
I understand peoples comments about digital/computer generated maps. However, as organisers we have no control on what area such a map covers, and committee decided not to accept them as a substitute for the maps required.
However, the OS Select does present a significant cost saving, and any entrant is free to use whatever mapping system they wish, so long as they at least carry the OS Select. We do have a responsibilty towards entrants safety, which we take seriously.
Author: Paul Miller
Posted: Fri 18th Mar 2005, 23:00
Joined: 1986
Hi Peter. Thanks for your reply. I think in these times when events are struggling for numbers it's a pity that some organisers appear not to be more flexible, thus having a detrimental effect on numbers, as appears in your case. Walking is a simple pleasure that should be undertaken with the minimum of rules. Let's face it, we are all governed by rules every day of out lives. Walking allows us to escape from those shackles. Concerning the maps, I'm sure the arguement would be that if I went off my printed page then how would I know where I was. However, the maps would have about 5km of detail either side of the route. If I was that incompetent to go that far off route I think that I would retire from walking altogether! Using the same arguement, what if I strayed off the Explorer Map I was using ? Surely I need to carry the next map just in case. And the next one, and the next one..... We all sign a declaration absolving the organisers of all responsibility, so as long as we are carrying maps of the whole route then I cannot see what the problem is ?
Author: Peter R Wood
Posted: Fri 18th Mar 2005, 21:34
Joined: 1985
Local Group: The Irregulars
Carole and Paul. For your information I have invested £49.90 in a TrackLogs 40km X 40km Site Centred 1:25000 Map - SP 850 000 - which covers the whole of the route with several kilometers to spare. However, I think you will find that your plea to use this as a substitute to the designated maps will fall on deaf ears. Like you I prefer the 1:25 maps so that whilst you will be able to use your own prints you will still be required to carry the designated maps as expensive luggage. At least that is what I was told when I made a similar enquiry. Needless to say I have decided to miss this Hundred - my first miss in nine years, you can probably hear the tears hitting the keyboard if you listen hard enough.
Author: Paul Miller
Posted: Fri 18th Mar 2005, 11:57
Joined: 1986
In this new age of digital mapping, I intend to get a 'site-centred' map (at 1:25k scale) to cover the area of CL100. I much prefer the detail of 1:25k. However, rather than carrying all the 1:25k Explorer maps of the area, will the CL100 committee allow me to use colour laser prints (from my digital maps) of the route and surrounding area?


Author: Paul Sorensen
Posted: Thu 17th Mar 2005, 14:27
Joined: 1987
Local Group: Dorset

As Chairman of the CL100 Organising Committee, and Entries Secretary, I can say with authority that there is indeed one map available that will cover the whole route. Details of the OS Select map required can be found on the event website. It must be at scale 1:50,000.
Posted: Thu 17th Mar 2005, 12:34
Joined: 2005
Would anyone know if the Chiltern Landmarks 100 can be embraced by one map alone, or must I buy the several Explorer ones mentioned in the CL100 website? Could turn out to be an expensive outing! Thank you.

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