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Discussion Forum - Events - How to prepare for a 40 mile evnt

Author: Deirdre Flegg
Posted: Wed 22nd Aug 2018, 9:40
Joined: 1993
Local Group: Dorset
Thanks MIchael. I see now I missed one bit of code out. Should stick to gardening!

Alison: this Forum does not work like FB-no email nudge. Good luck with training.
Author: Michael Headley
Posted: Tue 21st Aug 2018, 22:54
Joined: 2008
Local Group: Kent
Clicking here may do the trick:
Author: Mike Childs
Posted: Tue 21st Aug 2018, 22:23
Joined: 1990
Local Group: Dorset
I found that the url for the library does work now (at least, it worked OK on my PC)

You can't just click on it to open, but if you run your cursor along the whole link to highlight it and right click, it brings up a drop down menu with a Google "go to". Click on that, and it opens.
Author: Alison Roberts
Posted: Tue 21st Aug 2018, 18:45
Joined: 2018
Local Group: Thames Valley
Thank you, All, for responding!! (I'm sorry for delay, I thought I would get an email telling me there were replies but cannot see one!)

Great replies thank you. I had worried that I would have to do 30 Mile + training, which is a bit steep, and that doesn't appear necessary.. Doing a 40 mile event is a lot, and I'm still not sure I want to do it, I ask myself why I would want to, but there is that nagging urge to do it....

I have ages to decide, so no rush decisions. I will certainly look at the library, hadn't thought of that.

The comments re nutrition hit a note, as I almost lost everything a Mile before the end of my 50k, and it was digging deep that only made the difference and saw me home without too much damage!!. I was cross with myself that I had almost messed everything up by "not feeling" like eating en route .

Thank you v much again x
Author: Deirdre Flegg
Posted: Sat 18th Aug 2018, 12:43
Joined: 1993
Local Group: Dorset
Sorry the url didn't work, but you get the message!
Author: Deirdre Flegg
Posted: Sat 18th Aug 2018, 12:43
Joined: 1993
Local Group: Dorset
Hi Alison,

Have you looked at some of the articles in our library? Lots of sound advice there. [url][url]

You sound as if you have a very good level of fitness already & it is not necessary to do ever longer walks to get up to event readiness. On the day-checkpoint to checkpoint is the mantra! John and Emma's advice re eating and drinking enough is spot on-but you do need to discover what your own body tolerates after a while.
Author: John Phillips
Posted: Sat 18th Aug 2018, 1:18
Joined: 2007
Local Group: South Pennine
Hi, make sure you eat and drink little and often. Very common to find you run out of energy and unable to put more in. The stomach doesnt like being messed about. In the scenario where your body rejects food and drink, slow right down until your stomach relents. Better to finish with a slow time than fail to finish in a good time
Author: Emma Trutwein
Posted: Sat 18th Aug 2018, 0:49
Joined: 2018
Local Group: West Yorkshire
Hello there!

I completed a 62 mile walk in 29 hours a couple of years back. My training included building up to regular 20 mile walks, and lots of running with interval training to build up fitness and stamina.

I am actually attempting a 45 mile hike tomorrow!

My top tips for during the walk if you are going to do it in one go is, take at least one extra pair of socks with you if not also an extra pair of shoes. I do this for all my long walks now and it’s a foot saver!!! Take longer rest breaks than you think you need and eat more than you think you need!

Good luck on your walk.
Author: Alison Roberts
Posted: Fri 17th Aug 2018, 16:56
Joined: 2018
Local Group: Thames Valley
I was wondering if anyone can give me any advice on how to prepare for a 40 mile event?

I have done a 31 mile event, at a decent 8.25 hours, and when I did that I prepared by doing up to 27 miles. I walk/ run depending on the terrain and fatigue! But 40 miles seems a long way!! What sort of distance did you do in a day, or did you split it into two days, say 18 miles two days.

Sorry I haven't got a clue!!!

I'm a new member, enjoying being in the Association v much. Many thanks in advance.

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