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Discussion Forum - Events - Refunds/Transfers

Author: Ian Sykes
Posted: Sun 25th Mar 2018, 20:15
Joined: 1986
Local Group: East Yorkshire
In the past I been entrance secretary on a few (6 or 7)events and maybe I was too easy going. I normally allowed name changes up to and on the day. Plus I normally gave a full refund up to seven days before the event. My view was, we put on the walks for people to enjoy and not a way of making money.
Author: Chris Pitt
Posted: Wed 21st Mar 2018, 20:47
Joined: 2004
Local Group: Dorset
Louise, each group/event will have their own cancellation policy on refunds and transfer of entries, this is normally found within the rules or the event information

Dorset's cancellation policy tries to be fair to both organisers and entrants. We incur costs from the moment of entry. However, we do appreciate that entrants plan their events up to a year in advance and the unexpected does happen. There are also costs associated with issuing refunds, therefore, we will offer refunds less a £3 administration charge up to two weeks prior to a event. After that time, no refunds will be given. We do not allow transfer of entries, as when places become available they are offered to the waiting list.

We have reschedule the Doddle West for 21 October 2018. Entrants have been notified that for a set period we will be offering a full refund after which our normal cancellation policy applies.

Dates for the diary:
Dorset Doddle 19 August 2018
Doddle West 21 October 2018
Dorset Giant 13/14 April 2019
Author: David Findel-Hawkins
Posted: Wed 21st Mar 2018, 10:33
Joined: 1980
Local Group: Beds, Bucks and Northants
In general LDWA events do not allow transfer of entries. Some do offer refunds - often minus an admin charge - but it doesn't apply to all events. I'm afraid you will need to check each event.

As a lot of LDWA events fill up, it is always preferred if you can let the organisers know as it may allow someone else to take part.

LDWA events are remarkable value for money, so if you do have to cancel and there is no refund, you will not be out of pocket by much.
Author: Louise Witt
Posted: Tue 20th Mar 2018, 13:03
Joined: 2016
Local Group: Dorset

Due to a change of circumstances I'm unable to do any of the events I've booked in for this year. With other races I can check the T&Cs and see if they allow transfers to other people or refunds but I am a bit confused with regards the LDWA events.

Is it dependant on the organiser? Is it generally considered a no for a refund or partial refund? Are you generally allowed to transfer your entry to a different person? Do most events operate a wait list? I can obviously email every event organiser to ask directly but thought I should check if it was common knowledge that no refunds are offered.

Just off the top of my head I think I have the following:

*Pick n Mix ( emailed as think partial refund is allowed due to snow cancellation)
*Doddle West (think I can request a refund through Sientries)
*Devonshire Dumpling (this weekend so not sure if there is a waiting list of people?)
*Ridgeway 40
*Herts Hobble

Thanks in advance.

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