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Discussion Forum - Gear ! - Anti-chaffing cream

Author: John Barry
Posted: Thu 11th Oct 2018, 14:37
Joined: 2018
Local Group: Anytime Anywhere
I use this all the time for distance running. Never let me down.
Author: Roy Turner
Posted: Fri 4th Nov 2016, 21:40
Joined: 1988
Local Group: Vermuyden (South Yorks)
The old favourite, Zinc & Caster Oil Cream, we used for nappy-rash has served me well over the years , as it still does to this day.
Never get soreness problems, its great !!
Author: Raymond Wilkes
Posted: Thu 22nd Sep 2016, 20:48
Joined: 2013
Local Group: West Yorkshire
I use vaseline very sparingly.

On another topic people said it as too greasy, but I do not find it so as I use so little.

However, you can now buy a version which contains coconut fat.

It looks and smells more like something you would rub onto yourself rather than say a bicycle chain. Not that I ever have anything to do with bicyce chains!
Author: John Pennifold
Posted: Tue 24th May 2016, 15:25
Joined: 1996
Local Group: London
"Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel" Nick, that's exactly what I bought in Boots yesterday. I read all about Acriflex but that seemed to be aimed at post-chafing damage. The Lanacane seemed to be what I was after: Pre-chafing prevention.
Author: Nick Vanson
Posted: Tue 24th May 2016, 13:53
Joined: 2006
Local Group: Thames Valley
John, I have just been recommended Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel which from the info on the packaging seems like the bee's knees. Got mine from Boots and it'll be with me in Dorset!
Author: David Kearns
Posted: Mon 23rd May 2016, 9:55
Joined: 1998
Acriflex Cream, in a tube. We were recommended it back in the year dot when one of the children had nappy rash, and found it a splendid emollient for many skin problems.

Author: John Pennifold
Posted: Mon 23rd May 2016, 9:07
Joined: 1996
Local Group: London
Thanks David, presumably you recommend the "Acriflex Skin Cooling Gel" rather than "Acriflex Cream" (an antiseptic burns cream)?
Author: David Kearns
Posted: Sun 22nd May 2016, 10:40
Joined: 1998
Author: John Pennifold
Posted: Sat 21st May 2016, 23:22
Joined: 1996
Local Group: London
What's the currently recommended anti-chaffing cream?

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