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Discussion Forum - Gear ! - Bargain Basement Boots (and Socks)

Author: Simon Robert George Haste
Posted: Mon 17th Nov 2014, 20:52
Joined: 2014
Local Group: Sussex
My boy had a pair of boots from Lidl a few years ago when he was a Scout. They did several camps (including hikes) and they never gave him any trouble.
Author: Mark & Des Donohoe
Posted: Sat 8th Nov 2014, 14:51
Joined: 2014
Local Group: Surrey
The monsoon season has now even reached the Slurry Hills, so I was thinking about getting some walking boots for a bit more grip and water protection. Just by chance, I noticed an ad in the daily news for Aldi’s weekly specials which for this week only, was walking gear. What caught my eye were walking boots for only £19.99. An offer that I couldn’t refuse!
Junk! Rubbish! Won’t last 5 minutes, I hear you say. But why pay more, nothing is perfect. I have checked out buyers comments on many boots and shoes. For example there were complaints about leaky boots and wet feet with Salomon Comet, Gortex boots costing (Go Outdoor discount price) £126. But a more economic way to keep feet dry has been advocated in this Forum, by Ian Walker. Cheap old running shoes, SealSkinz, plus a thin liner sock. These he says, were extremely comfortable on 20 -30 mile walks and always kept his feet dry. So following his advice, in addition to boots, I also bought some Aldi walking socks.
But for the opinions of an expert on cheap and cheerful, one just has to read the thread in this “Gear!” forum, entitled trail shoes. There, another Ian, Ian Sykes has lots to say! Starting with:
Me, I usually go to a market stall or a cheap shoe shop to buy mine. The best pair I ever had cost me less than £5 from a market stall. Mind you I did go overboard with my socks, 5 pair for £1 at Primark
I just had to add the following comment from W. Paul Tremere:
I was crossing Rombald’s Moor with Ian, many years ago. The glutinous mud pulled off the sole from one of his trainers. What a disaster, I thought. Ian however was well prepared. He opened up his pack, calmly pulled out a spare trainer, put it on and completed the event in odd footwear.
No doubt , he was soon off to his favourite market stall soon afterwards. (I wonder if they sold single shoes?)

This conversation is joined by John Batham and leads on to probably the most amusing thread in all of the LDWA Forums. A must read at this thread.
Anyway, back to Aldi. Not quite as cheap as Ian’s Primark socks, but their walking socks were a snip at £3.99 for 2 pairs of Midweight Wool, and wicking, Coolmax Liner socks at £3.49 for 2 pairs.
I am sure that there must be many LDWA members who have tried Aldi’s walking gear in previous years, so what is the verdict. Good, Bad, or OK for the price?

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