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Discussion Forum - Events - How Many Events did you do in 2013

Author: Norman C Corrin
Posted: Mon 6th Jan 2014, 19:53
Joined: 1981
Local Group: Beds, Bucks and Northants
I can vouch that Merrian started 2013 wirh beer and brekka in spoons as did Dave Findel Hawkins.. Me and my brother could only handle the brekka!
Author: Dr. John Batham
Posted: Mon 6th Jan 2014, 19:12
Joined: 2007
Local Group: East Yorkshire
Apologies for previous liverish post about Challenge walks and numbers of them walked in 2013. Truth is I have such a dicky right knee that I resent all you folk doing umpteen of those events. Bring on my lightweight carbon fibre motorised Zimmer...whoaaaa...
Author: Michael Jones
Posted: Mon 6th Jan 2014, 16:55
Joined: 2011
Local Group: Heart of England
You too, John - glad to hear you're back out and walking again after your previous health problems. I've been meaning to write something about walking routes in China for Strider, but not got round to it yet - must prod myself to get it done before the deadline for the next issue!

If I don't end up being called off abroad again I may put in an appearance at this year's Woldsman, but who knows...
Author: Dr. John Batham
Posted: Mon 6th Jan 2014, 8:38
Joined: 2007
Local Group: East Yorkshire
Good to hear from you Michael!
Author: Michael Jones
Posted: Sun 5th Jan 2014, 21:09
Joined: 2011
Local Group: Heart of England
Working in China for a few months took a big chunk out of my year, but I did at least manage to get some decent walks in while I was out there. Back on home shores, two 50s plus the non-LDWA Saltmarsh 75. From where I'm based at the moment the Winter Poppyline is the only event that's reasonably accessible (and that's not running this year); anything else is a logistical challenge. I'll do some more when I'm living somewhere more convenient!
Author: Dr. John Batham
Posted: Sun 5th Jan 2014, 20:10
Joined: 2007
Local Group: East Yorkshire
A rag bag of Marshals events, some Challenges too in Yorks and the North, some half dozen I guess, but 110 socials with various Yorks LDWA groups and enjoyed many joint walks established with Ramblers groups in the area. Why are you counting?
Author: Merrian Lancaster
Posted: Sat 4th Jan 2014, 13:05
Joined: 1996
Local Group: Beds, Bucks and Northants
21 for me. I started 2013 with beer & brekka in 'spoons; my first challenge event wasn't until 27th January. Made an earlier, and probably healthier, start this year with Hangover Hike.
Author: John Phillips
Posted: Sat 4th Jan 2014, 6:55
Joined: 2007
Local Group: South Pennine
Not a very active year for me. Only 6 challenges, but did manage 36 group walks. Target this year of at least 12 events, but hopefully they won't all be as wet as the 'Hangover'
Author: David Kearns
Posted: Fri 3rd Jan 2014, 9:43
Joined: 1998
Only 2 challenge events (something of a reduction from 35 in 2003), plus 2 group walks and 60 private "anytimes." It was while trudging round Anglezarke Amble in freezing drizzle for the Nth time, that I started to wonder why I keep doing the same events year after year when there are so many excellent unheralded walks out there. So apart from the occasional outing with Tim Glenn's lot, and the superb Charnwood Marathon, I make my own entertainment.

In 339 Challenges since September 1998 I've had only one on which the rain never ceased at all, from the time I reluctantly left the hall at 8.30, to when I trailed damply back in 7 hours later.
Author: Madeleine Watson
Posted: Thu 2nd Jan 2014, 22:34
Joined: 2002
Local Group: West Yorkshire
Not too great on the Challenge event front for me last year - did 16 of which 3 were 50m+. But I did also do 28 Park Runs (!), 9 fell races, 6 trail races and 1 sorry cross country.

I also managed to miss the rain at the Hangover Hike (could perhaps have claimed that was because I whizzed round so fast, but really it was because I did a mega wimp and only 10 miles!) Should be there at Filey... .
Author: Ian Hull
Posted: Thu 2nd Jan 2014, 21:07
Joined: 2005
Local Group: South Pennine
Just pipped you on the Challenge Events Dave : a total of 28 completed in 2013 , which included seven over 50 miles … thankfully none as wet as the 2014 New Year’s Day Hangover event . Still at least a cracking real ale pub is as good a place to dry out as anywhere !!! Also completed 43 LDWA social walks , mostly with South Pennine , West Yorks , Calderdale & Nidderdale groups .
Author: Aaron Hookway
Posted: Thu 2nd Jan 2014, 19:59
Joined: 2012
Local Group: Vermuyden (South Yorks)
Strangely only 7 challenge events last year (feels more!)
At that:
1 was the Hundred
4 were 50 mile challenge walks which involved some traveling!

2014 starts in ernest The Filey Flyer this Saturday!!
Author: Thomas Sellers
Posted: Thu 2nd Jan 2014, 17:52
Joined: 2009
Local Group: Lakeland
Good question. Just added them up, and apparently I did 17. Plus one marshalling and one missed through illness. Will have to see if I can make it to 20 this year.
Author: David Findel-Hawkins
Posted: Thu 2nd Jan 2014, 16:38
Joined: 1980
Local Group: Beds, Bucks and Northants
According to my quick calculations Challenge events were available on 78 days in 2013 so in theory you could have done 78 events last year. It would have involved a lot of travelling of course.

I wondered who our Challenge event champions are. I did 26 events last year, but who did the most. Let's have your totals.

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