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Discussion Forum - Events - Recent reccee of camel Teign 100

Author: Jim Tinnion
Posted: Tue 2nd Apr 2013, 0:27
Joined: 2011
Local Group: Marches
Did Pensilva to Dartmeet over the weekend. Now pretty dry underfoot, although the second half of the crossing from Princetown to Hexworthy is a bit tough with the track very chewed up. I managed to keep my feet dry until the top of the last field coming down into Dartmeet.

Instructions were generally very good, even running at 5mph I very rarely had to stop or look at the map.

Didn't really appreciate the freezing temperatures or the driving sleet at Princetown - the wind was strong and from the east all day and no doubt made things a little tougher. It's a good route!

Author: Thomas Sellers
Posted: Fri 22nd Feb 2013, 19:19
Joined: 2009
Local Group: Lakeland
Mike - that sounds like me. The state of my feet was a major factor in why I didn't finish. Though I did make some odd decisions, like wearing waterproof socks for the bit through London, then taking them off just before the rain started.
Author: Mark Garratt
Posted: Fri 22nd Feb 2013, 18:56
Joined: 2016
Local Group: Heart of England
Hi mike , no not much clay like soils that stick to your feet it was mainly mud churned up by horses and foot traffic and tractors .Also there is a fair amount of Tarmac inbetween sections which gives the feet a break ..
Author: Mike Childs
Posted: Fri 22nd Feb 2013, 9:18
Joined: 1990
Local Group: Dorset
Hi Mark - I suppose the question now is how much of the conditions were caused by standing surface water (i.e caused by recent rain) ?

Which can disappear surprisingly quickly as temperatures rise, and with a few dry sunny days

Or is much of this being caused by supercharged aquifers (which manifest themselves as springs, winterbornes, bogs etc). ??

The latter is caused by the wet climate over the last few years and will be persistent ...... But it may be much more physically localised.

I don't mind wading through bogs and streams, but trying to walk for mile after mile through slippery agricultural mud after heavy rain is a different proposition, How much of the route was over clay based soils and agricultural land? In my experience wet moorland is OK, if you prepare for wet feet and have enough changes of socks, but lots of ploughed fields are tough going.. You end up with a 2 inch layer of sticky soil on the bottom of your feet, which is very tiring and slows you down a lot

I also noted that some people on the Games Hundred did not appear carry any spare pairs of socks or foot cream. In my view, very useful in wet conditions. Some of them suffered, and in certain cases I think it meant that they failed to finish.
Author: Mark Garratt
Posted: Thu 21st Feb 2013, 23:00
Joined: 2016
Local Group: Heart of England
Apologies it was checkpoint 8 lucket my starting point
Author: Deirdre Flegg
Posted: Wed 20th Feb 2013, 19:33
Joined: 1993
Local Group: Dorset
Fear not. Still more than two months to the marshals and three to the main event. Rebecca's golden orb has even been seen in the SW, so time for the ground to dry up.
Author: Mark Garratt
Posted: Tue 19th Feb 2013, 11:41
Joined: 2016
Local Group: Heart of England
Just to let people now I've done a reccee of the course from checkpoint 7 to the end at teignmouth at the weekend . Conditions underfoot are very boggy indeed . The first footbridge after lucket was flooded . Section by Redcliffe farm also very muddy . After princetown to hexworthy was particuter bad with bogs . The section before chudleigh Knighton was 8 inches deep with mud and water along with harlacombe lane which was also under 8 inch under water in places . It was tough indeed I clocked 9889 feet of accent on the garmin with 55.5 miles covered but I did get lost before princetown . Also a few trees down also in various locations . Thought I would let people now if interested

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