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Discussion Forum - Events - Where Ravens dare

Author: Ross Weston
Posted: Sun 14th Oct 2012, 14:13
Joined: 2008
Local Group: Marches
Here is the link (doh !!):-
Author: Ross Weston
Posted: Sun 14th Oct 2012, 14:13
Joined: 2008
Local Group: Marches
Stunning event.

And here is my crappy blog post (and photo's) which simply don't do it justice, but might persuade some of the merits of a journey down to south Wales.
Author: Mark Garratt
Posted: Sun 7th Oct 2012, 22:50
Joined: 2016
Local Group: Heart of England
Mine also a sad tale like matts . My wife and I pre entered via si entires and Booked a the caravan club site close by for Friday night in our campervan just over a week prior to the event . Both looking forwarded to it then the bombshell dropped . I had to go to Irvine in Scotland for a 10am Friday meeting which ment I didn't get home to West Midlands to late Friday night
Which ment no event next day . Maybe next year
Author: David Morgan
Posted: Sun 7th Oct 2012, 20:34
Joined: 1994
Local Group: South Wales
Thanks very much everyone for the lovely comments. We've had nice feedback via email and via our active facebook page too. A special thanks to John Pennifold for making the video. It gives entrants a real insight into the route (apart from where he didn't check his compass bearing, eh John?!!!).
The pleasure is ours in seeing everyone having such a great time!!
Author: Ross Weston
Posted: Sun 7th Oct 2012, 19:36
Joined: 2008
Local Group: Marches
I can only echo the comments written below, what a stunning event.

Thanks to David and his team.
Author: John Pennifold
Posted: Sun 7th Oct 2012, 18:53
Joined: 1996
Local Group: London
Commiserations to Matthew & Jane Hand. Most people have many electronic devices capable of operating as an alarm. When I need to get up I set my watch alarm and my mobile-phone alarm. When I REALLY, REALLY must wake up I usually find a third device too.
Author: John Pennifold
Posted: Sun 7th Oct 2012, 18:49
Joined: 1996
Local Group: London
My video of this year's event:
My photos of this year's event:
(Note: at time of posting, the video was still 'having its shakes removed' by Youtube, so a later viewing might be preferable.
Author: Matthew Hand
Posted: Sun 7th Oct 2012, 16:13
Joined: 2001
Local Group: Mid Wales
Mine is a sad tale for this event. I decided to do the walk on Thursday, so Friday night I had all my kit in the car, entry form filled in and ready, route description printed off, OS map marked up etc. etc.

And my alarm clock didn't go off (it is genuinely busted I have now found). So I overslept and missed an event for the first time in my life! I could probably have just made the 9.0am start, but a very hurried 60 mile drive with no breakfast or time for any, would have been a bad start to a long day.

Went for a lovely run from home instead, lovely day for it - will try again next year!!!
Author: Carole Elizabeth Engel
Posted: Sun 7th Oct 2012, 10:18
Joined: 1998
Local Group: Calderdale

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