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Discussion Forum - Gear ! - Sorbothane Insoles.

Author: Iain Connell
Posted: Sat 7th Jun 2014, 21:23
Joined: 2010
Local Group: East Lancashire
You're welcome (this topic has had a long shelf-life, rather like the Sorbothanes).

My current pair were via Amazon, don't remember the sub-sellers but I think the cost was £17.95 with free postage. They're about eleven months old - no sign of wear to speak of. I most recently wore them in South Wales with my wonderfully waterproof and finally broken-in (after three seasons) 30-year old Scarpas (in as new condition from Oxfam) - blisters zero, minor top-of-toe abrasions two (from the 3 insoles), significant damage to feet nil - able to run, even, next day.

Posted: Sat 7th Jun 2014, 18:39
Joined: 2014
Thanks Iain, I think I shall try some of these as I've just finished my first trail, the Wolds Way, complete with black bruising on the balls of my feet - no blisters though as my boots are lovely!
I was wondering if A) I was the only one who suffers from this (my husband is ex-military and has feet of steel) and B) if I would have to be buying different footwear.
As I love my boots and they are a little roomy this could well be the answer - thank you :-)
Author: Iain Connell
Posted: Sat 23rd Mar 2013, 15:28
Joined: 2010
Local Group: East Lancashire
I've used Sorbothanes for many years to counteract the 'bashed soles' which I used to experience (unmarked tops of feet and toes but very tender underfoot), and would recommend them for their shock-reducing value. It is true that they create pressure between the top of the feet and the boot or shoe, particularly when new, so in recent years I have bought boots one size larger. I use a total of three insoles - the originals that come with the boot, the Sorbothanes, and older (thin) boot varieties on top. It's like walking on air, with little or no feeling from the ground.

Even though the Sorbothanes are expensive, they last for up to ten years and can be washed along with the boot insoles. (I'm fortunate in not having heavily sweaty feet, but still take out and 'air' all three after walks.) The rubber's own adhesive ability means that they don't move around, but it's essential to ensure that they're properly placed - in my case about half a cm. inside the insole below - before putting on the boots. They can also be cut along the edges, even less worn ones re-shaped to replace their opposites.

I once made the mistake of buying the 'padded' variety made from softer thick cushioning with smaller rubber pads inlaid. I threw them away after six months after the cushioning developed its own 'craters' and splits alongside the pads - agony. So it's the solid, unpadded type only, and soon I'll be on pair number four (I think), a total of maybe thirty years of unbashed soles. Try them !
Author: Mike Childs
Posted: Thu 10th Jan 2013, 18:33
Joined: 1990
Local Group: Dorset
I rarely wear boots on challenge walks, because I prefer off road trainers. Most good trainers have cushioning in the mid sole and not just the removable foot bed (insole) . I have experimented with Sorbothane, but found it far too heavy and a bit like walking on a firm but squidgy jelly - and it made my feet hot. Very unpleasant- I avoid Sorbothane on that basis. But it may work differently in heavy boots, I wouldn't know.

Mostly I stick to the insoles you get with the more up market versions of some Asics, Brooks and Saucony shoes. Rohan and Keen also seem to do quite decent quality insoles. But is important not to use a insole that contains an "open cell foam" layer, because it can absorb and retain a lot of water... Closed cell foam is fine.

I have also replaced the manufacturers insoles in trainers with the semi orthotic Supafeet Green, with very good results. It seemed to work best in some Asics, Nike and Saucony shoes. Supafeet are quite firm - but they are light, well balanced and comfortable. They may not work for everyone of course, but they have got me round a 100 without any serious blisters or foot problems .
Author: Matthew Hand
Posted: Sun 8th Jul 2012, 18:04
Joined: 2001
Local Group: Mid Wales
I have a set of Sorbothane shock stopper full strike insoles, size 9 and still in the box. I bought them and never used them and never will now, if anyone is interested? Matt.
Author: Stephen M Rackett
Posted: Sun 8th Jul 2012, 14:12
Joined: 1980
Local Group: London
i usually buy the serb double strike insoles,which i find are thinner than normal insoles and should sort out the problem.
Author: Al Rodger
Posted: Sat 23rd Jun 2012, 15:07
Joined: 1999
Local Group: Dorset
Sorbothane insoles do come in two thicknesses in the shop I get them from. I have only ever used the thicker ones & they do take a bigger size to get my toes in, usually one size up. Trying on new shoes/boots in shops with these sorbathane insoles is less straightforward than taking a pair of your walking socks along with you. The state of my sorbathane insoles are a bit embarrasing & sometimes I'm buying shoes with a moulded insole physically stuck into the shoe. It's can be a big palaver but I'm happy as I'm under doctor's orders on this.
Author: Elton Ellis
Posted: Sat 23rd Jun 2012, 11:06
Joined: 2006
Local Group: Surrey
In my experience, yes. They will be significantly thicker than the insoles which came with the boots and will reduce the boot size. If your boots are a snug fit, your toes will get crunched when you use the insoles on a long walk. The same applies to most specialist insoles.

This is a problem because the insoles lose their capacity for shock absorbance long before the boots or shoes wear out. Replacement insoles available in supermarkets are thinner, but I don’t know if they have sufficient shock absorbance for our type of walking, or what their life span is.
Author: Robert Locock
Posted: Sat 23rd Jun 2012, 8:28
Joined: 2010
Has anyone tried these? I am particularly concerned that they may be significantly thicker than my Meindl insoles and reduce the boot size.

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