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Discussion Forum - Events - Qualification for 2013 Hundred.

Author: Mark Garratt
Posted: Mon 25th Jun 2012, 21:50
Joined: 2016
Local Group: Heart of England
I led a group of college lads last November on a 100 km walk to wales for there public services course . I photographed us at the finish in the dark this was accepted into the 100 on trust that I completed it
Author: Frank Cartwright
Posted: Fri 1st Jun 2012, 10:13
Joined: 1978
Local Group: Lakeland
I organised and lead a 50 ( limited to 15 people ) in South Lancashire and West Pennine Moors which I advertised through strider which was accepted for getting into a hundred .
Author: John Knight
Posted: Tue 22nd May 2012, 13:03
Joined: 1999
Local Group: Anytime Anywhere
Yes, sorry, I confused myself there. (John)
Author: Andrew Clabon
Posted: Mon 21st May 2012, 14:59
Joined: 1982
Local Group: South Wales
The Knights, Derick is looking to do the C&D 100 not the Games 100.

Derick, will the organisers accept a self support 50 rather than you having to so an organised event? I'm sure when their website comes online you will find out.
Author: John Knight
Posted: Wed 2nd May 2012, 12:46
Joined: 1999
Local Group: Anytime Anywhere
Surely, the Housman Hundred would count as a qualifier for the Games Hundred?

Author: Derick Wheelhouse
Posted: Tue 1st May 2012, 19:35
Joined: 2010
Local Group: Beds, Bucks and Northants
Thanks guys, only just checked the post. Unfortunately am away 5th and 6th with the family. Shall have to persevere looking.....
Author: Alan Champion
Posted: Wed 25th Apr 2012, 11:27
Joined: 2010
Local Group: Marches
If you want to do the 2nd half, Derick, contact me on or 07930 223246. You'd have to leave Much Wenlock not far behind the others in order to meet the first checkpoint time at Bridgnorth within 0400 to 1000.
Author: Janet R Pitt-Lewis
Posted: Wed 25th Apr 2012, 7:20
Joined: 1993
Local Group: Marches
A suggestion. Over the wekend of the 5th May the Marches group is holding the marshals walk of the Wenlock Olympian Walk - 2 loops of 50 miles each. On the main event the walkers will have to choose between walking the first loop starting on the Saturday or the full 100 mile route but we can be more flexible on the marshals walk and if you are prepared for a very early start on Sunday morning you could join us for the second 50 mile loop - the quid pro quo is that we would expect help on the Sunday of the main event the 22nd July - but it would mean you have done a 50 mile route vouched for on an LDWA event. If this solves you problem go to the WOW website and contact Alan Champion who is organising the marshals walk
Author: Derick Wheelhouse
Posted: Wed 18th Apr 2012, 0:42
Joined: 2010
Local Group: Beds, Bucks and Northants
I am very keen to enter the 2013 Hundred in Devon and Cornwall, having completed the Houseman Hundred last year in under 36 hours. My problem is finding a qualification event. I have to work every Saturday, unless it is booked off as a weeks holiday, and these have to be fitted in with colleagues. I am unable to find a 50+ event that I am not either away or able to book off. Are there any non Saturday events, or other ideas to qualify?

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