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Discussion Forum - Events - LDWA surplu funds

Author: Norman C Corrin
Posted: Wed 21st Mar 2012, 17:02
Joined: 1981
Local Group: Beds, Bucks and Northants
John I'd agree entirely. To quote Bob Hoskins from the BT adverts back in the 80s was it? "It's good to talk". I'm pleased that Carol and Mark raised the point, it certainly sparked a debate! Mark you're not a wimp for walking 26 miles. I always say to new members who fall into our catchment area that if you never do more than 20 miles on a social walk we'll be very happy to see you. Not everyone wants to do long distance paths or 100s. We just like to walk....and talk!
Author: John Phillips
Posted: Wed 21st Mar 2012, 16:34
Joined: 2007
Local Group: South Pennine
It is good that topics like this can be aired on the Forum. We will never agree on everything but most will normally accept anothers viewpoint whilst not supporting.
Author: Carol Coyne
Posted: Tue 20th Mar 2012, 8:21
Joined: 2004
Local Group: Surrey
Hey Folks it was only a suggestion! Anything rather than give it away to other organisations - no matter how deserving. Thank You for taking the time to air the issue PS LDWA aren't competitive. Maybe not, but I heard many conversations on social walks which centre around each person trying to top the others with the number of long distance trails they have walked. I sometimes feel a wimp as the longest walk I have ever done (or want to do) is 26 miles ....
Author: David Powell
Posted: Fri 16th Mar 2012, 14:26
Joined: 2006
Local Group: Heart of England
Good idea David - In many organisations where people pay an annual membership fee to the central group a small capitation fee is passed on to local areas to help them organise their own agms or for equipment to help run events or walks. When we organised our first challenge event a few years ago we started with nothing and as organisers the risk was entirely on us. I'm thinking of a small amount somewhere between 50p and £1 per member per year. This would give a real boost to the local areas that are the grass roots of our organisation.

In reference to the original post where prizes would go to the fastest walker excluding runners. I would ask how do you tell the difference ? - If you've ever organised a challenge event you'll know there is a whole class of entrants who fall between these classifications.
Author: David Morgan
Posted: Fri 16th Mar 2012, 10:53
Joined: 1994
Local Group: South Wales
The LDWA is there to further the interests of long distance walking.

Whilst challenge walks are a very important aspect of the organisation, many of the walks are organised by LDWA local groups. The profits made from these walks are in the main used to further the interests of the group members. But, many groups could do so much more for their members if they had some more cash.

My suggestion is that the local groups are provided with a proportion of the surplus funds. I don't have a specific answer as to how much and how it would be divided up, but perhaps the money could be divided on a ratio dependant on members living in a particular area. Or alternatively, the national committee would accept applications from local groups dependant on the activity that the local group would wish to pursue.

The bottom line is that the money would have to be used to further the interests of LDWA members and what I do know is that active groups could make very good use of some additional income.

Just a thought..........
Author: Eileen Greenwood
Posted: Wed 14th Mar 2012, 21:22
Joined: 2002
Local Group: Yorkshire Coast
I agree with both Johns. I avoid charity walks. I prefer to donate to them outside of walking. It keeps it so it's not the fasted nor the slowest. And not a race!

Walk/run on charity events such as Scouts/search and rescue but not LDWA.
Author: Dr. John Batham
Posted: Wed 14th Mar 2012, 18:38
Joined: 2007
Local Group: East Yorkshire
I agree with John - no way we want to introduce more competitiveness into LDWA in this way. I don't see us contributing to charities at a National level. OK, local groups do donations from some of their local events, that's up to them. We are an Association to support our members and I would rather see national funds going towards projects for LDWA. I feel I already subsidise walkers sufficiently by recces and I give to charity in various ways but LDWA is for enjoying walking. I don't want to feel I have to support charities through our organisation as well. Don't they get enough out of the lottery etc, etc
Author: John Phillips
Posted: Wed 14th Mar 2012, 16:59
Joined: 2007
Local Group: South Pennine
Sorry but disagree with your idea and feel this goes right against the LDWA ethos. Whilst the LDWA may be reasonably secure financially for the present, we owe a responsibilty to all members and also future members to be prudent with our funds and not fritter them away on gimmicks like you suggest. By all means finance badges for the Anniversary walks and other such events but to offer 'prize' money is abhorent to me.
Author: Carol Coyne
Posted: Mon 12th Mar 2012, 13:15
Joined: 2004
Local Group: Surrey
This is the 2nd time I've tried to post this. So please forgive me if you (and like me) have found it on this site ......... I've been mulling over the discussion at the AGM about potential uses for LDWA's surplus. I agree with Tony Wiley that a large proportion should be retained for emergencies. But how about this as a thought: could we offer to the fastest and the slowest finisher of selected events the option of the LDWA making a donation to their chosen charity? People I have met are often surprised I am not doing a challenge walk for a purpose (ie sponsorship). I wouldn't wish to! However it does strike me as a good will gesture as an element of the 2012 '100' if for no other event. To be awarded to the faster WALKER (ie not runner) for obvious reasons; the slowest to emphasise it is the finishing that is at least as important as the speed completed. Thoughts please!

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