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Discussion Forum - Events - Brews in cars

Author: Janet R Pitt-Lewis
Posted: Fri 18th Nov 2011, 19:43
Joined: 1993
Local Group: Marches
I have just recived a disc from Raynet with lots of Housman photos - will be appearing on the Marches website - and 2 articles from their magazine explaining how they planned for and operated over the weekend. This quote makes interesting reading!

"Making his RAYNET debut was our youngest operator Jack Morgan M6JTM,son of Dave G1PLJ and Erica M3WQV. He could not have picked a tougher event to do so. Jack is studying for his Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award and using his Amateur Radio and RAYNET experience as part of his course. During the event he accompanied Alec M1DQH in the Incident Response Land Rover, and also did a stint assisting in Control. On the Bank Holiday Monday morning he really distinguished himself. On the main car park he noticed a car with its windows all shut and steamed up and the occupant slumped against the window. A sixth sense made him go up to the car and tap on the window and then open the door.The occupant was a walker who had finished and decided to make a brew with a gas stove in the car. The walker had fallen asleep, probably as a combination of fatigue and a rapidly depleting oxygen supply in the car. The flame on the stove had gone out, the gas continuing to vent into the car. He shouted for his Dad, Dave who was nearby,both pulled the man out and shut off the gas stove. Jack then went and summoned Mat M1EQV for medical assistance. Mat isalso a St John’s Ambulance paramedic. I am pleased to say the man quickly fully recovered. A tragedy was clearly averted by Jack’s quick thinking and actions. Thinking in retrospect, Jack and Dave were also very lucky that there was not an explosion when Jack opened the door. The door switch that operated the courtesy light could have arced at the contacts setting off the gas. It is possible that the mixture of gas and air in the car was actually too rich to ignite. The flammable range ratio of gas to air is only about between 3-8% gas to air. The car owner was probably not thinking straight due to fatigue. That could have cost a few people their lives or caused them serious injury."

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