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Discussion Forum - Events - Giant's Daughter 3rd April 2011 - 'that bloke with the camera again'

Author: Andrew Clabon
Posted: Wed 6th Apr 2011, 19:47
Joined: 1982
Local Group: South Wales
Great set of photos to match a great walk.
Cycled to work today but the legs were still feeling the strains of Sunday.
Thanks to all who helped I had a super day.
Author: Mike Childs
Posted: Wed 6th Apr 2011, 18:28
Joined: 1990
Local Group: Dorset
Oh Yeah

That does it for me

Thanks Chris
Author: Chris Pitt
Posted: Wed 6th Apr 2011, 14:00
Joined: 2004
Local Group: Dorset
Hi Tony, Try this Link
Author: Antony Blatchford
Posted: Wed 6th Apr 2011, 13:36
Joined: 2019
Local Group: Lakeland
My previous post seems to have disappeared in Cyberspace, which is ironic as I was saying that I couldn't get the link to the photos to work, even after following the instructions!

The wonders of modern technology, eh?
Author: Antony Blatchford
Posted: Wed 6th Apr 2011, 13:34
Joined: 2019
Local Group: Lakeland
Author: Mike Childs
Posted: Wed 6th Apr 2011, 10:23
Joined: 1990
Local Group: Dorset
Hi Peter, thanks

Thats works fine

To everyone else, please just do what Peter says below.

Follow his simple instructions step by step, to paste it into your basic Internet address bar, then press enter and away you go.

We particularly wanted to share these photos and slide show with you all, because they are such nice quality action shots of the event.

Author: Peter Haslam
Posted: Tue 5th Apr 2011, 22:27
Joined: 1992
Local Group: East Lancashire
Hi Mike

Click on the start of the link and drag all the way to the end, this Highlights the link.

Hold down the Ctrl button and press "c" this copies the highlight. Open a new window and put your Curser in the address bar, hold down Ctrl and press"v" this will Paste in the link and the pics will appear

Good luck
Author: Mike Childs
Posted: Tue 5th Apr 2011, 20:16
Joined: 1990
Local Group: Dorset
Er, this is beyond my IT skills.

I have seen the photos via email, and they are really good,

But does anyone out there in Cyberland know how to use this link ??
Posted: Tue 5th Apr 2011, 19:36
Joined: 1994

Participants (especially on the longer route) began to suspect they were being stalked by 'that bloke with the camera again'. The material that appears on

strongly suggests they were and some of the marshals got snapped as well.

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