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Author: Roderick J. Hollands
Posted: Tue 30th Nov 2010, 0:32
Joined: 2000
Local Group: South Wales
There has been significant tree felling in the area (especially around Abergwesyn) in the last few years, though the forestry tracks and rights of way the events follow are usually kept free from obstruction. I cannot recall a Green Event being re-routed because of these activities but I presume on this occasion there may have been felled trees that had yet to be cleared. I hope the Brianne checkpoint returns for next year, it really is a super spot to enjoy a pint and I always look forward to stopping there.
The Heart of Wales brewery does brew some truly fine beer. Indeed as Matt mentions, Lindsay knows his trade and I can recommend Aur Cymru in addition to the excellent Welsh Black.
The town offers live music, a wide selection of real ale and a seriously good time at this and several other events during the year. Come and take part in the Saturnalia real ale ramble in January. You will have the opportunity to dress up as a Roman Centurion in the Neuadd Arms afterwards.
Author: Thomas Sellers
Posted: Sun 28th Nov 2010, 22:57
Joined: 2009
Local Group: Lakeland
My GPS gave 20.9 miles for this year. Would have been walking in the dark if it was much further though, so I'm not complaining.

Think the route change may have been to do with tree felling, at least I'm fairly sure I heard someone say that.
Author: Matthew Hand
Posted: Sun 28th Nov 2010, 22:30
Joined: 2001
Local Group: Mid Wales
This wasn't the same route as last year, organiser said that they had to change everything a day or two before the event (don't know why), it didn't take in the Reservoir this year, and it was far more on forest tracks and paths etc. this time. Being a last minute route change may explain why it was a little short? Matt.
Author: David Powell
Posted: Sun 28th Nov 2010, 16:50
Joined: 2006
Local Group: Heart of England
Hi Rebecca
Did this a couple of years ago and thought the same- distance felt less than 25 . Another finisher half an hour after us said his GPS had put it at 19 miles. Normally my experience of having a few beers during a walk is it makes it feel longer . Maybe they'd set the distance so that having had 4 pints it would feel as if it was 25 miles !!
Author: Matthew Hand
Posted: Wed 24th Nov 2010, 9:49
Joined: 2001
Local Group: Mid Wales
I disagree with my good wife (I hope she doesn't check this post, or it's no tea for me!), didn't think it was 25 either, but not worried, the beer was excellent and that man does brew a damn good pint. The Neuadd Arms has it's own micro brewery (try his Welsh Black beer) and Lyndsey organises the walks and brews the beer, this is a situation that needs ecouraging and supporting for the future.
Amazing how well a beer goes down during a walk, to most people it sounds like a terrible combination (exercise and beer, surely not?) but by golly they are wrong. Matt.
Author: Matthew Hand
Posted: Tue 23rd Nov 2010, 20:06
Joined: 2001
Local Group: Mid Wales
Might have been a tad short but Jill Green seemed to think it was the full whack and she's done more 25s than we've had hot dinners!
Author: Rebecca Lawrence
Posted: Tue 23rd Nov 2010, 16:44
Joined: 2003
Local Group: Marches
Is it me or the ale or was the 25 mile a 'short' 25? Just didn't feel like 25 miles but of course it could be the affect of the ale. Yes - great event and really good atmosphere in the village afterwards. Brightens up an otherwise gloomy November.
Author: Matthew Hand
Posted: Mon 22nd Nov 2010, 20:56
Joined: 2001
Local Group: Mid Wales
Another great week-end in Llanwrtyd Wells, good 25 mile route, some steep climbs and serious Welsh mud, all helped along with some excellent real ales at the check points. This is a really enjoyable and social two day walking event. The town is awash with good beer, music and food with plentiful accomodation. Look out for Saturnalia in January.

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