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Author: W. Paul Tremere
Posted: Wed 6th Oct 2010, 10:20
Joined: 1989
Local Group: East Yorkshire
Yes, David is correct. Scroll down the home of the East Yorkshire website and look for "OC and TT album" on left hand side.
Author: David Motloch
Posted: Tue 5th Oct 2010, 18:11
Joined: 2008
Local Group: The Irregulars
That mystery photographer was East Yorkshire's very own Martin Dawes, he has emailed me a few but i would be surprised if some aren't published on the East Yorks website.
Posted: Mon 4th Oct 2010, 18:09
Joined: 2007
I noticed someone taking photos as we walked , He seemed to pop up all over the place. is there anywhere i could view the photos. Have they been posted on the site
Author: Ian Sykes
Posted: Mon 28th Jun 2010, 21:03
Joined: 1986
Local Group: East Yorkshire
Thankyou for your reply. I just did not what people to jump to the wrong conclusions.Yes Murray is very good at sweeping.

Ian Sykes.
Author: Louise Whittaker
Posted: Mon 28th Jun 2010, 18:41
Joined: 1994
Local Group: Staffordshire
To answer your question Ian - one of the 'sweepers' (Murray) has previously earned his medal as a 'knight in shining armour', and the 'man you would want at the back' if you were in a spot of bother. Murray came to my rescue a couple of years ago on the Peatlands Way - even managing to heave my fatigued body over a broken stile towards the end - so he's not a scary monster, and we didn't get frogmarched to the end on Saturday. In fact after walking with us for a wee while, they dropped back.

I can understand your generic point - that if sweepers creep up on you, just their very presence could feel an invasion of your 'walking space'. If this ever is the case - folks should give the sweepers that feedback and ask them to step back if they feel under pressure. That's what I would do.

Thanks Louise
Author: Ian Sykes
Posted: Sun 27th Jun 2010, 19:49
Joined: 1986
Local Group: East Yorkshire

May I ask was you the back markers?

If so did the sweepers hassle you?

As I see the job of the sweepers it is to keep the back markers in there sights, but not to hassle or rush them as long as there are within the time limit.

For the record John and myself swept the short route up to where it joined the long route. Then we walked through the field for a drink at Millington.

Ian Sykes.
Author: Eileen Greenwood
Posted: Sun 27th Jun 2010, 17:44
Joined: 2002
Local Group: Yorkshire Coast
I often wonder myself. It is because it a challenge- get in the quickest time you can. And a personal challenge for most. Often those entering have done it before many times and are local. They have seen the views. For those entering it for the first time and not seeing the area before they are delighted. Let those whom what to race, race. I like,you, go to walk fairly fast but want to enjoy the views also.
Author: Louise Whittaker
Posted: Sun 27th Jun 2010, 15:33
Joined: 1994
Local Group: Staffordshire
This 24 mile walk starts from Kilnwick Percy Hall - a Buddhist Meditation/Retreat Centre - and what a great spot from which to set out for a day in the Yorkshire Wolds. Very pretty walk and only two centres of 'civilisation' - Thixendale and Millington - and they were small. The weather was glorious - hot sunshine with a welcome breeze. Now a point to ponder - 'we' stepped round in just over 8 hours - and even so - the sweepers caught up with us towards the end. Why in such a beautiful location are folks always rushing around these days?

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