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Author: Dr. John Batham
Posted: Tue 15th Mar 2011, 20:42
Joined: 2007
Local Group: East Yorkshire
Good news Ian, it would be curmudgeonly to criticise the walk as very enjoyable. Lovely day too and worthwhile funds for the charity.
Author: Ian Sykes
Posted: Wed 9th Mar 2011, 22:58
Joined: 1986
Local Group: East Yorkshire
I've just paid a visit to Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice today to hand over £1,200. They showed Edith (my wife) and myself around and it was very moving to be there. They are over the noon with the donation and have ask me to thank everybody who took part or helped out on Shirley's Smiles.

On a personal note, it was humbling to see all the happy children and staff at the hospice. It brought home to me just how lucky I am.

Anyhow to end with let me pass on a big thank you from everybody at Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice.
Author: Paul Baitson
Posted: Sun 20th Jun 2010, 17:36
Joined: 2001
Local Group: East Yorkshire
Just like to say "we did enter the Event as a 20 and were surprised to find we completed it in 4hrs 2 mins, but hey what the heck, we had a great walk/day on f/p`s new and old to us.The event was well organised and the check point staff where 1st class.This was also my mate Russ`s first ever challenge/L.D.W.A. Event and he wants to know when`s the next one. I hope this is testament to what a good walk it was despite it`s length and I for one would enter it again".
Author: Ian Sykes
Posted: Sun 20th Jun 2010, 13:37
Joined: 1986
Local Group: East Yorkshire
As I started this thread I think I better try to answer David's post.

First may I say that I don't belong to the Vermuyden group and I was not in the inner circle of the people who put on this walk. All we (me wife and I did was the paper work, before and on the day) So what I have to say is just my opinion only.

As most of you will know John's wife Shirley died 12 months ago. Shirley for more year's then I can remember was a very active member of East Yorkshire them Vermuyden LDWA groups and as helped out on other groups walks. About 8 months ago John ask some of us if we would help him to put on a walk to celebrate Shirley's life and all she as done within the LDWA.

To get it in Strider we had to move very quickly and we had to put it as at least 20 miles. So yes it was done backways on. But time was short. When I walked the route a few weeks ago with the 2 John's who did the sweeping on the day I know it was not 20 miles.

So yes David you was short changed on the day. I for one will take it on the chin and admit it. But to say your having a whip round to buy the Vermuyden group a new tape measure.Is in MY opinion is being childish and uncalled for.

Both Vermuyden and East Yorkshire groups in the past have put on some bl**dy good walks and I sorry that this one did not reach your expectations.

This post. is JUST MY OPINION, It is from the heart and it is as I see it.
Author: David Kearns
Posted: Sun 20th Jun 2010, 10:31
Joined: 1998
Super, easy route,well organized,legible R/D, decent snax, glorious countryside. Could we have wished for anything more? Well yes, since you ask ... I wouldn't have minded doing the advertised 20 miles instead of the actual not much over 16. Four hours of driving is rather a lot for 4hrs 40mins of walking. A bit disappointing. Perhaps we should have a whip-round and buy Vermuyden a new tape-measure!
Author: Ian Sykes
Posted: Sat 19th Jun 2010, 16:54
Joined: 1986
Local Group: East Yorkshire
I would like to thank all that took part in Shirley's Smiles. A good day was had by Runners, walkers and helpers alike. We had only one complaint all day. The sweepers could not find a pub!

Thank's again to everybody.

Ian Sykes.
Author: Ian Sykes
Posted: Fri 18th Jun 2010, 12:05
Joined: 1986
Local Group: East Yorkshire
Thankyou Tony,Nina for your good wishes, I just taking a break from writing the names on the certificate's. (writers cramp) I'm pleased to say we do have some of the "old timers" doing it. I myself will be sweeping the 8 mile route after I've finished my jobs at the start. I'm hoping the back markers will be walking slow, so that I can keep up.

It was very nice to meet up with you on the HoS 100, and I hope I did not give you too many grey hairs on our nightmare drive to breakfast and back?

Thanks again Ian, Edith Sykes.

PS. If anybody is thinking of coming on the day? Please do come. I know it say "no entries on the day." But what the heck still come.
Author: Anthony R Wintle
Posted: Fri 18th Jun 2010, 6:16
Joined: 1982
Local Group: West Yorkshire
Good luck with the walk. Sorry we cannot get over. We will be thinking of her on the day. We always remember her walking with Sheila Gordon. Is she still around?
Nina and Tony Wintle
Author: Ian Sykes
Posted: Sun 13th Jun 2010, 18:59
Joined: 1986
Local Group: East Yorkshire
OK I know it says closing date 12th June and no entries on the day. But what the heck, I've never followed rules blindly in the past and I'm too old to start now. As long as you don't shout about it and you keep it to yourself, you can enter on the day. Just hope the main organises are not reading this. ;-)
Author: Ian Sykes
Posted: Thu 3rd Jun 2010, 16:29
Joined: 1986
Local Group: East Yorkshire
Most of the old timer's will know of Shirley Forster. She walked and helped out on countless walks.

On Saturday 19th June 2010 Vermuyden/East Yorkshire are putting on a one off walk in her memory from her home village of Ellerker. Just 400 yards from the A63 and not far from the end of the M62. There are 8 / 20 mile routes, very easy map reading and a easy route to walk.

So if anybody wants to enter there is still a few places left. You can enter with a SEF, if you are not sure you can make it and maybe want to enter on the day. Please ring me first.My number is on here and in strider. Hope to see some of the old timers there along with the newbies.

Ian Sykes

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