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Discussion Forum - Events - Three Rings of Shap

Author: Iain Prentice
Posted: Tue 22nd Jun 2010, 20:43
Joined: 2008
Local Group: Marches
Great event, a proper challenge and my first time at the distance, first time walking in Cumbria for many years. Great contrast in scenery between the 3 Rings, and good practice in opening (and closing of course) every imaginable type of gate latch. Weather was perfect - cool and a little cloudy to start, warm in the middle of the day and just getting chilly at night. Good vibe back at the memorial hall especially with the overnighters, and really friendly organisers and support team. I appreciated that whenever we staggered into the hall between rings, some kindly person brought the food and drink over to us so we didn't have to stagger any more than absolutely necessary! Some great birdwatching in passing while running/walking - common sandpiper on the Lowther, family of woodpeckers at Cliburn and great views of wheatear (everywhere!), sand martin lapwing and oystercatcher. Also just avoided watering on an orchid at a wee-stop! (lots of wild flowers in the verges). Will have to come back some time to sample the pubs we passed in the beautiful villages on ring 2. Hopefully next year I can persuade my wife to participate... Thanks to Tony and his team for a really enjoyable weekend. Apologies to any villagers disturbed by my mug imitating a cow-bell banging on my rucksack as we ran down into Crosby Ravensworth as it was getting dark!
Author: Mike Childs
Posted: Tue 22nd Jun 2010, 18:17
Joined: 1990
Local Group: Dorset
What a great challenge walk - well done Cumbria LDWA. I elected to do only Rings 1+3, because I judged (correctly in my case) that the addition of Ring 2 would be a step too far after the HoS. I finished in good time, but I was right about my legs, which were still a bit leaden, and Ring 2 is for next time . The support could not have been better and the food was brilliant. The contrast of landscape, wild flowers and terrain between those two rings is quite dramatic, almost like visiting two different countries. And, to answer Tara about wild life - just before dusk, and shortly after leaving the CP near Great Asby, an animal ran across the track close in front of me, that I am fairly sure was a pine marten. A reasonably possible habitat and location for this beautiful mammal. If I am correct, for me this was a lucky sighting (in England anyway) of a very elusive species.

I will definitely put the TROS in my diary for next year
Author: Tara Williams
Posted: Tue 22nd Jun 2010, 10:44
Joined: 2007
Local Group: Sussex
This was my first attempt at the Three Rings of Shap. Wow, what an amazing event. Each ring was so different that it was as though we had been transported from the 'real' wild Lake District terrain of the first lap - to the beautiful fields, woodland and gently flowing rivers of the Home Counties for the second lap (ok, so the hills in the background reminded you where you really were!) and back to the open fells of the third ring. My original plan was to walk it as a 'shakedown' following the rather 'character building' Heart of Scotland but I found myself trotting along, enjoying the scenery and constantly amazed at the beautiful terrain. Goodness knows how I managed to avoid falling over as I was constantly looking around! I did finally land in an undignified manner on my backside but that was right at the end and resulted in a load of scrapes down my leg - ouch!
Did anyone see any interesting wildlife en route? Hopefully no one tripped over the dopey hedgehog along ring 3 just as you exited through the gate on to the grassy track after Gaythorne Hall - I did move it off the track as it was sat there like a rock but it probably went straight back! I had to wrap my route description round it to pick it up so the last page was rather difficult to read as it had a load of holes it!
Thank you so much to all those whose hard work made this event so absolutely fantastic. We were fed and looked after at all hours of day and night with endless cups of tea on offer and cheery hospitality at each checkpoint - despite the CP teams having been out there for hours on end.
I am most certainly coming back next year, and the year after, and the year after that...and will hopefully also get my shopping trip to the New Balance store opposite!
Well done to Tony and his fantastic team - this event has gone straight to the top of my favourites list and really does merit the long journey from West Sussex.
I am still on a high from such a fantastic weekend - see you all next year!
Tara x
Author: Sandra and Stephen Scott
Posted: Mon 21st Jun 2010, 15:48
Joined: 2010
Local Group: Lakeland
Thank you Tony for all the work that you and the team in the Cumbria group put in for this event. This was my first time and I had a great 'day' really enjoying the walk, the scenery, the weather, and the support from your volunteers at each checkpoint, not forgetting the cooks in the hall.

Started at Shap Memorial Hall with the mass start at 8am. on Saturday morning. I was pleased to finally meet fellow Helm Hill runner and LDWA member John King and managed to stay with him to Mosedale Cottage where the hills soon sorted me out and he disappeared into the distance. Thanks John for the support. First ring, 18 miles, completed in under 6 hours. After a change of shoes and socks, I left Shap for the second time, with a close friend in support and with only a short rest at the White Stuff near Melkinthorpe ran and walked coming in after 8 and a half hours, 14 plus hours and 42 miles completed. Another change of shoes and socks and I set off with my third 'pacer' long suffering husband at 11:15pm for the final ring, only 20 miles! In darkness we crossed to Great Asby pleased to have done a recce, arriving at the final checkpoint just before dawn, then it was with gritted teeth and very sore feet that I covered the final 10 miles back to Shap. I finished at 7.40 am on Sunday morning; 100k, overall time 23 hours and 40 minutes.

This was definitely pushing myself well beyond my comfort zone. I have never felt so tired, but never felt so elated. I learnt a huge amount, and suffered a lot on the last few miles of Ring Three with mind blowing tiredness and very sore feet but my legs coped well.

It was a really well organised event with loads of food and great support. Sandra
Author: John King
Posted: Mon 21st Jun 2010, 15:45
Joined: 2002
Tony if that was the only problem that was encountered then you and your team deserve the biggest round of applause, it can`t be easy to keep tabs on 130 folk wanderring around the countryside at all hours of the day.

As you mentioned in your earlier post the evening/night was superb which made that 3rd ring magical, the memory of Asby Scar with nothing but moon/starlight (I only needed to use the head torch when I had the urge to run) will live with me for a long time.

I came with the intention of running the three rings but there are somethings that need to be savored rather than rushed (that`s my excuse for walking anyway :-)

Just a thought from me though, if we were to check out as we left to start another ring, would that help to account for people, without increasing greatly the workload for check in staff?

Thanks again everybody.
Author: Tony Deall
Posted: Mon 21st Jun 2010, 15:02
Joined: 1985
Local Group: Cumbria
Well done, John.
You probably don't know how lucky you are! We somehow lost you from our database after 2 Rings and thought you had finished then I think the check in desk staff were a little surprised when you finished again in the small hours!! Just as well you stayed vertical.
Still that was the only problem we had with 130 people going round in various circles all day and night!
Author: John King
Posted: Mon 21st Jun 2010, 12:59
Joined: 2002
Thanks Tony and team a truly fantastic event right from the Stunning view into Longsleddale as we ascended from Mosedale to Branstree, right through to the Bean Casserole at 03-30 in the morning when I finished, marvelous thank you all.
Author: Tony Deall
Posted: Mon 21st Jun 2010, 11:04
Joined: 1985
Local Group: Cumbria
Thanks Madeleine, I'm pleased you enjoyed it. I wondered why you didn't go on as you looked pretty good when I saw you near the end of Ring 2. What a wonderful evening it was walking through those fields with the wild flowers and evening sunshine.It was my first time out of the Hall all day so perhaps I was biased! There was also an amazing sunset and a clear though cold night. Those who walked into the dawn also enjoyed seeing the sun rise with pin sharp visibility and views - unusual for Shap!
Hopefully I will be able to put the results on our website soon though it might not be until the beginning of July as we're going a long way from Shap on Wednesday for a chill out!
Put 18.6.11 in your diary as a provisional date for next year.
Author: Madeleine Watson
Posted: Mon 21st Jun 2010, 7:55
Joined: 2002
Local Group: West Yorkshire
Tony - many thanks to you and all your gang of helpers. It was a wonderful event. I did rings 1 and 2. Ring 1 - wonderful wild scenery, some rugged cross country stuff and lovely refreshing breeze on the tops! I also enjoyed ring 2. Nearly threw my toys out of the pram at one point - misread the map mixing up 2 farm tracks we had to cross. Unfortunately my feet hadn't really had enough time to recover from the 100 and blisters re-appeared, so I couldn't do ring 3. Gives me good reason to come back next year! The food was excellent - at the checkpoints and in the hall - up there amongst the top rated!
Author: John King
Posted: Mon 14th Jun 2010, 20:49
Joined: 2002
Thank`s for the reminder Tony I have signed up, for three rings, should be a good tester for recovery from the 100.
Author: Tony Deall
Posted: Tue 25th May 2010, 13:29
Joined: 1985
Local Group: Cumbria
There is life after the 100 - I hope!
Don't forget to come to Shap on 19th. June.
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