Newsletter - March 2020

Walking Boots

Hopefully the recent storms haven't affected your walking plans too much. Many groups, including ours, have been forced to cancel walks in the past few weeks. Hopefully the worst of the weather will soon be over. Personally I've quite enjoyed the break from having to clean my walking boots ...


In this month's newsletter:

  • Y 100 Sir Fynwy - Rota for the Trellech Checkpoint;
  • Ramblers' 'Don't Lose Your Way' Campaign;
  • Update on the M4 at Junction 15;
  • London Trivia #4; and
  • Forthcoming Walks



Y 100 Sir Fynwy - Rota for the Trellech Checkpoint


From Lesley Bellis:

"The checkpoint is at The Babington Centre, Trellach, NP25 4PA and will be open from 0900hrs on Sunday 24th May and will close at 0600hrs on Monday 25th May.

The hall is in 2 parts with a sliding door so the smaller area can be sectioned off if need be. We will have use of the hall from Saturday night if anyone wants to sleep there.We will be using Pacer and will have RayNet to assist us.There is a kitchen with an oven and hot water point, tables and approximately 50 chairs. The menu should consist of crumpets, snacks and hot and cold drinks, so it should be an easy checkpoint, just long hours.

I have divided the checkpoint into 3 shifts as follows:

  • 1st Shift . This opens at 0900hrs to 1500hrs, however personnel will be required to be at the hall 0800hrs to open up and layout the hall and put tarpaulin on the floor.Bruce Barclay, Bea Therin, Sheena Findlay and Roger Swift.

  • 2nd Shift: 1500hrs to 2100hrs. Phil King, Paul Hopkins, Janette Armstrong and Tim James.

  • 3rd Shift: 2100hrs to 0600hrs. Lesley Bellis, Andy Todd, Lucy Robins, Clare Staff and Graham Instrell.

If anyone feels they need to change their allocation, please contact me at I will be around for the whole of the opening hours.If anyone else wants to help out there is still time for me to allocate them a shift."



Ramblers' 'Don't Lose Your Way' Campaign


From Tim James:

"Our paths are one of our most precious assets, hidden in plain sight, and often taken for granted.

Shaped by our ancestors over centuries, they tell the stories of our landscape, our history and our heritage, they describe how generations before us travelled to the pub, field or shops, and they allow everyone to enjoy the countryside, both on our doorstep and across Britain's iconic landscapes.

But an estimated 10,000 miles of paths across England and Wales are at risk of being lost forever, unless we come together to save them.

To find, map and save thousands of miles of lost paths, the Ramblers have launched their Don't Lose Your Way mapping tool. Join the search for lost paths sand hidden ways. They need thousands of people to come together to uncover and save generations of lost paths and hidden ways before its too late. To take part, please go to"



Update on the M4 at Junction 15


From Richard Hotchkiss:

"The planned major road works for M4 at Junction 15, have been cancelled. The expected nearby road closures and traffic jams are therefore no longer expected. Instead there will just be relatively minor work on the slip road towards London.

You may also like to know that Chris and I have a new dog, Currie, who shares the same maternal grandfather as Button. It will probably be about 12 months before she has the desire for and manners necessary for a group walk. In the meantime she welcomes visitors to Chiseldon."


London Trivia #4


Continuing the build-up to this year's 4th Capital Challenge, here are some more facts about places along the route.

  • Lambeth Bridge is painted red in honour of the House of Lords, while Westminster Bridge is painted green for the House of Commons. It is an interesting honour considering that Parliament attempted to block the building of the bridge in 1664, 1828, and 1836, as well as trying to block its widening in 1912.

  • The world's first traffic light was erected outside the House of Commons in 1868. It blew up the following year, injuring the policeman who was operating it.

  • Signs on Albert Bridge order troops to break step while marching over it, to avoid damaging the structure with resonating vibrations.

  • It is illegal in London to have sex on a parked motorcycle, beat a carpet in a public park, or impersonate a Chelsea pensioner - the latter offence is still theoretically punishable by death.



Forthcoming Walks


Finally, here's the usual look ahead to all the group walks and challenge events that are taking place this month within a 50-mile radius of the geographical centre of Wiltshire.

Date Name Type Mileage Organiser
Sun 1st Mar 2020 Cotswold Water Park Group 20ml. Wiltshire
Sun 1st Mar 2020 The Loosley Lacey Loops Group c21ml. Thames Valley
Wed 4th Mar 2020 Around the Assendons Group c14ml. Thames Valley
Sun 8th Mar 2020 Cursus to Paradise Group 16ml. Dorset
Sun 8th Mar 2020 Russell's Rambles- Event Details Updated Group c21 or c15ml. Thames Valley
Sun 8th Mar 2020 Saints and Sinner Group 20ml. Wessex
Sun 8th Mar 2020 Uncle Tom Coberley and All Group 19ml. Bristol & West
Tue 10th Mar 2020 A High Little Stroll Along the Three Peaks Group 15ml. Bristol & West
Sun 15th Mar 2020 An Oxon Walk from Stokenchurch Group c20ml. Thames Valley
Sun 15th Mar 2020 Shrewton South Group 18ml. Wiltshire
Wed 18th Mar 2020 Ewelme excursion Group c15ml. Thames Valley
Thu 19th Mar 2020 Up & Down Cotswolds Edge Group 16ml. Wiltshire
Sat 21st Mar 2020 Belas Knap and the Heritage Railway Group 9 or 17ml. Bristol & West
Sun 22nd Mar 2020 Cerne Giant- Event Details Updated Challenge 30 or 20ml. Dorset
Sun 22nd Mar 2020 The other side of Oxford- Event Details Updated Group c19ml. Thames Valley
Fri 27th - Mon 30th Mar 2020 Monmouth Weekend Walking Group c20ml. Surrey
Sun 29th Mar 2020 A Clarendon Call Group 17ml. Wessex
Sun 29th Mar 2020 Let's Fly Away Group 18ml. Dorset
Sun 29th Mar 2020 North to South Group 20ml. IOW
Sun 29th Mar 2020 Oxon 20/40 Pre-walks Group c40 or c20ml. Thames Valley
Sun 29th Mar 2020 Pewsey Downsaround (Marshals' Walk) Group 26.6ml. Wiltshire



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