Newsletter - February 2020

In this month's newsletter:

  • Committee Meeting on 14th January 2020;
  • Volunteers Needed;
  • London Trivia #3; and
  • Forthcoming Walks



Committee Meeting on 14th January 2020


The key points from the recent committee are as follows:

  • It was formally agreed that Andy Todd becomes the group's Challenge Walks Coordinator, whilst Janette Armstrong becomes the group's Challenge Walks Catering Manager. Both roles are in support of the main committee. Given the importance of both roles to the success of the events, the committee instructed Andy and Janette to remain at the event headquarters, and delegate troubleshooting responsibilities to others.

  • The committee agreed that the Wiltshire 50 will be considered a one-off event. Andy reported that, although the venues have been booked, there is no financial risk at present. Commitments to man checkpoints have come from the Bristol & West, Cornwall & Devon and Dorset groups. The committee agreed that the event would be a 50-mile event only and be limited to 200 entrants.

  • The newsletter's circulation is increasing each month, as is the group's membership.

  • The committee agreed to subsidise Lucy Robins' proposed group walk along the Clarendon Way.

  • Walk leaders are to collect the walkers' details (i.e. name and membership number). Lists are to be forwarded to either Bruce or Clive, who will be responsible for uploading completed walks registers onto the LDWA web site.

  • Bruce will be requesting walk leaders to provide better descriptions for their walks. Walk leaders are also to take into account winter daylight hours and make the walk distance such that it can be comfortably completed in daylight. Thursday walks should be kept to a maximum of 15 miles for the benefit of older and slower walkers.



Volunteers Needed


From Andy Todd:

As always there we have had a good response for volunteers from the group at the Annual General Meeting, but as always we need more.


Pewsey Downsaround (PDA) - 26th April 2020

We could do with a few more people to help with the PDA this year. We have a few slots for checkpoint volunteers that we could do with filling. Also we could do with some help to clear down the hall and pack everything away at the end of the day. In addition we could do with a couple of people for a few hours on the Saturday afternoon to help with the initial food preparation.


A Wiltshire 50 - Trek or Treat - 31st October / 1st November 2020

We need more volunteers to cover the jobs that need to be done over the weekend. With a good response from our neighboring groups, the slots we need to cover are at the start, and the evening/night covering the main meal checkpoint, the last checkpoint and the finish. In addition, it would be good to have a couple of people that could volunteer to come in for a few hours on the Sunday morning to finish packing up everything at the finish. We also need a small number of people that can help look after the checkpoints on the marshals walk on the 10th-11th October. All the checkpoints on the route are inside in village halls. As an 'incentive' the marshals walk will be on the 10th-11th October exclusively for those volunteering on the main event. Those helping on the marshals walk will be able to walk the main walk.


If anyone is able to volunteer for the above please email Andy Todd at If you are interested, but need more information then please email.

If anyone wants to help out at the Y 100 Sir Fynwy on 24th/25th May 2020, please contact Lesley Bellis at



London Trivia #3


Continuing the build-up to this year's 4th Capital Challenge, here are some more facts about places along the route.

  • In 1854, in response to a devastating cholera epidemic in the city, the London Necropolis Company began operating a daily 'funeral service' to the world's largest burial ground at Brookwood Cemetery in Surrey. Trains departed from the Necropolis Station adjacent to Waterloo Station;
  • The 200 acre Battersea Park was laid out in 1858 on an area of isolated fertile marshland called Battersea Fields. It was here that the first asparagus was grown in Britain; and
  • On 9th January 1864, the first football match played under Football Association rules took place in Battersea Park.



Forthcoming Walks


Finally, here's the usual look ahead to all the group walks and challenge events that are taking place this month within a 50-mile radius of the geographical centre of Wiltshire.

Date Name Type Mileage Organiser
Sun 2nd Feb 2020 A Candlemas Constitutional Group 18ml. Wiltshire
Sun 2nd Feb 2020 Nettlebed on the fly - Event Details Updated Group c20ml. Thames Valley
Sun 2nd Feb 2020 NFC Marshals' Walk Group 26ml. Wessex
Tue 4th Feb 2020 Mendips and Monarchs Group 18ml. Bristol & West
Sun 9th Feb 2020 Another Regular Pilgrimage Group 17ml. Dorset
Sun 9th Feb 2020 Fingest Tea & Cake walks - Event Details Updated Group c20 or c15ml. Thames Valley
Sun 9th Feb 2020 Upper Itchen Explorer Group 18ml. Wessex
Wed 12th Feb 2020 Joining up the green lines Group 15ml. South Wales
Sun 16th Feb 2020 Around Uffington White Horse Group 19ml. Wiltshire
Sun 16th Feb 2020 Mister Bean Roves the West Group 17ml. Dorset
Thu 20th Feb 2020 Between two 15th Century Inns Group 18ml. Wiltshire
Sun 23rd Feb 2020 Ewelme - Ibstone wander - Event Details Updated Group c20 or 15.6ml. Thames Valley
Sun 23rd Feb 2020 Follow the Chase Group 18ml. Dorset
Sun 23rd Feb 2020 New Forest Challenge - Event Details Updated Challenge 26 or 18ml. Wessex
Sun 23rd Feb 2020 The Incredible Hulks Group 9 or 18ml. Bristol & West



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